What is Midjourney AI art generator & How to Use Midjourney to Create Mindblowing AI Artwork?

by Naima Zubair · Updated Feb 20, 2023
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We live in an Era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where AI rules nearly every industry. Be it writers, artists, coders, or content creators, AI has impacted every individual. Over the past few months, AI Art has been creating waves in the art industry. We see AI-Generated Artwork everywhere. Everyone is using AI Art generators these days, from the average person to a full-fledged artist. 

An AI-Powered tool that has gained immense popularity over the past few months is Midjourney. It never fails to create the art of your imagination just by typing in a few words.

Today, we’ll learn how to set up a free account on Midjourney, how to use different settings, common errors and their fixes, a brief guide for crafting a prompt, and at the end, you’ll see a beautiful gallery of arts created by Midjourney. 

Here’s everything you need to know about MIDJOURNEY.

Let’s get things rolling.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI Art Generator that creates images from text inputs (aka prompts). It’s similar to OpenAI’s Dall-E and Stable Diffusion. 

Now, let’s set up an account on Midjourney.

How to Start Using Midjourney?

Step#01: Midjourney works on Discord, so make sure you have a discord login

Step#02: Go to Midjourney’s website, and click on Join the Beta. This action will take you to the discord invite.

what is midjourney

Step#03: Accept the discord’s invite. It will automatically take you to the Discord.


Step#04: After accepting the invite, select the ship-like Midjourney icon on the left menu.

midjourney ai

Step#05: Here, you’ll find a number of channels, go to newcomer rooms and select any of the newbie’s channels to begin.

Note: Before you start playing around with it, keep this thing in mind you only get 25 queries for free. In other words, you can only create 25 free images in your free trial. After that, you’ll have to buy their subscription. Click Here to see the subscription details.

So, be mindful when creating your art, as you only have limited trials.

Step#06: Type in /imagine in the message field and start writing your prompt. Be as descriptive as you can. The more you describe, the better AI comprehends. Write every detail possible and also include the specific style you want in your artwork.

midjourney ai

Step#07: After writing your prompt, select Enter to send the prompt.


Step#08: Wait for a couple of seconds and let Midjourney do its magic. It will create 4 images based on your input.

midjourney ai

Step#9: You can Upscale your images or create different variations of them by clicking U and V buttons, respectively. The number stands for four images created by Midjourney. The u button upscales your image into a more defined version, whereas the V button gives you four different variations of the image you have chosen. There is also a refresh button on the side that offers a complete new set of images.

Remember, while requesting these queries, you burn your free prompts. So, do these only if you really want to proceed with this.

midjourney ai

Step#10: You’ll be given some new options if you choose to upscale your image by clicking the U button. Here are the things you can do: You can create different variations of the image, upscale to the max, or do a light upscale redo.


Step#11: Save the image by double-clicking the image. It will open the image, and then you can save it on your PC by right-clicking.

How Much Does Midjourney Cost?

Suppose you are someone who is planning to use Midjourney a lot. Then, it might be a good idea to buy a subscription for Midjourney. Midjourney works on a subscription model. 

This subscription model includes two types of plans: A yearly plan and a monthly plan. The best part is that once you buy the membership of Midjourney, you’ll get unlimited tries that get your creative juices flowing. 

Yearly Billing: 

midjourney ai cost

Monthly Billing: 

Monthly Midjourney cost

How to Cancel Midjourney Subscription?

Let’s imagine that after experimenting with Midjourey for a while, you decide to switch to another platform and end your Midjourey subscription. Midjounrey doesn’t stop you from canceling your subscription.

 You just need to follow these easy instructions.

We’ve broken down the whole process step-by-step. Just Click Here and learn how you can end your subscription anytime.

An In-Depth Look at Midjourney Settings:

Settings can be a bit daunting to look at but we are here to make it easy for you. Here’s how settings work on Midjourney.

You can adjust the settings in Midjourney to get your desired results.

To be able to adjust settings, go to midjourney’s chat in discord.

Type in /settings, click on that and hit Enter.

midjourney settings

And here’s all your settings, now you can play around with different settings.

midjourney ai settings

These different options enable you to set up your preferences for every prompt you enter rather than doing this manually for each prompt.

Let’s discuss the first four opinions, i.e. Midjourney’s different versions. Midjourney is still in beta and is coming up with new versions with more advanced features. The best part, you are not bound to use the latest version, you can switch between different versions.

Now, how do you know which version best fits your artistic needs? 

Well, for that we’ll need to compare these versions.

I will be using the same prompt to compare these versions.

Prompt: A portrait of a beautiful young girl with braided hair and happy facial expressions

Let’s get into it.

MJ Version 1

MJ version 1 - Midjourney settings

MJ Version 2

MJ version - Midjourney settings

MJ Version 3

Midjourney settings

MJ Version 4

Midjourney settings

hese results speak for themselves. At the moment, we have the version 4 as the latest version of Midjourney and it creates the most beautiful results so far.

Niji Mode

This feature is specifically designed to create high-quality Anime images.

Midjourney Niji Mode

MJ Test

Another great feature is Midjourney Test which gives you results that give the impression of a painting.

Midjourney TestMode

MJ Test Photo

Midjourney TestMode Photo

Test photos give you photorealistic results and is great when you are trying to create realistic looking images.

Qualities (Half quality, Base quality, High quality 2x costs)

Let’s talk about the different types of qualities that Midjourney provides. Not only does it affect the quality of your image but also the render time. In addition, high-quality costs you double the price.

Suppose you have a basic plan for Midjourney, which provides limited generations of around 200/month. In that case, you must think twice before using high quality because it burns two generations for one image.

On the other hand, if you have a pro plan, you don’t have to worry about this because you get unlimited generation in the pro plan.

Click Here to learn more about Midjourney pricing in detail.

Half quality

Prompt: Sunset over the ocean

Midjourney art

The results are pretty satisfactory. These images are not as low quality as I thought they would be. So, if you think that these results meet the needs of your content, then go ahead with half-quality.

Base quality

Base quality is a default quality that we get when using MJ version 4. It produces good quality results as shown below.

High quality

This quality costs double the units and takes more render time. It provides you with quality of – – q 2, which is the highest quality in Midjourney. Having said that, it produces some amazing results for your prompt and is worth the units.

midjourney settings
midjourney art

If you want to get very high-quality and detailed results, then this is the setting you should go with.

NOTE: High quality doesn’t work with MJ Test and MJ Test Photo. It only works with MJ version 4 or below.

Styles (Style low, Style med, Style high, Style very high)

Now the next is styles. It does multiple things like when you click on it, you’ll see different values.

Style low

Prompt: a portrait of a powerful AI-powered woman

Here, as you can see, the variations are not so different from each other. It gave the results based on my prompt and didn’t go a lot far from the context.

midjourney ai art generator

Style med

Style med is what we get by default when using MJ version 4 and gives you quite satisfactory results for your prompt.

what is midjourney

Here we get some creative variations to go ahead with. All four images are different from each other, leaving more space for us to experiment.

midjourney ai art generator

Style high

Style high provides with the value of 250, which is higher than Style med, of course and gives more creative variations of your image.

what is midjourney

It gives even more creative variations, as you can see here. It added the specs in the fourth image which was not included in my prompt.

midjourney ai art generator

Style very high

Style very high is the highest of them all with the value of 750, and gives you the most creative and different variations for your image.


Style very high creates the most creative variations to play with. All four images are completely different from each other which is a good thing for taking inspiration or being creative.

midjourney ai art generator

Scales (Regular upscale, Light upscale, Beta upscale)

Midjourney starts by creating low-resolution results for your prompts. To combat this, we have different scale options. Scales gradually increase the size of the images and add additional details.

There are three types of scales available in Midourney at the moment.

Let’s try them out one by one.

Regular Upscale (Default):

Midjourney has Regular upscale as its default setting. It soothes, refines details, and increases the size of the image.

Prompt: A castle made of sand

midjourney ai art generator

Light Upscale:

Light Upscale increases the size of the image up to 1024px by 1024px. It adds a nice texture and moderate details to the images. It’s good if you are making faces, as it adds intricate details and texture to your art.

Beta Upscale:

Light Upscale increases the size of the image up to 1024px by 1024px. It adds a nice texture and moderate details to the images. It’s good if you are making faces, as it adds intricate details and texture to your art.

Modes (Public mode, Stealth mode, Remix mode, Fast mode, Relax mode)

Public mode – It means all your creations will be public in the Midjourney Bot. Anyone can see what you’re creating.

Stealth mode – You only get Stealth mode if you have a PRO plan for Midjourney. This mode allows you to create images privately in the Midjourney Bot. With this mode, you no longer need to worry about your art being stolen.

Remix mode –   This mode modifies, changes, and builds from a specific images’s output.

Let’s try it out.

Select Remix Mode from settings before writing a prompt. After that, write your prompt and press ENTER.

Next thing you want to do is click one of the variations (V buttons), and you’ll see a remix box.

Now, make changes to the prompt and hit SUBMIT. Here I added the era to the prompt.

And, here’s the result. It made changes to the previous image according to my updated prompt.

Modifying old images has never been easier.

Fast mode – This mode gives you priority and gets your job done instantly. But, it uses your monthly GPU time which is limited.


Relax mode – You only get access to relax mode when you have a PRO plan on Midjourney. With relax mode you can create hundreds to thousands of images every month without worrying about your units. It’s relatively slow than Fast Mode because, unlike Fast mode your query has to wait in the queue to be processed by Midjourney Bot.

Midjourney relax mode

Modes (Public mode, Stealth mode, Remix mode, Fast mode, Relax mode)

When Midjourney gives you results based on your prompt, it shows U and V buttons below. 

The number of buttons corresponds to the number to images. U buttons upscale your images to a high resolution, more detailed ones, while V buttons create complete new variations of the selected image.

Let’s create different variations of image 3. We’ll do so by clicking the V3 button.

Here are four different versions of the image 3. Midjourney doesn’t stop here, you can further upscale these images and create different versions of them.

Let’s test the U buttons now. I am going to upscale the image 4, let’s see what Midjourney gives us.

Oops, it exceeded my expectations and now we have the upscaled version of the image 4, which is even more detailed and high quality.

midjourney ai

When you upscale an image, Midjourney leaves you with even more options to play with, like you can make different variations by clicking the first button. You can also further upscale your image with light upscale and detailed upscale, and the option which is relatively new to us is Remaster.

Remaster feature claims to enhance and improve your images to the next level.

Before I say more about this feature, let’s try it out.

It gives a more improved and enhanced version of the images with options of upscaling and creating different variations.

Since there’s so much to learn about Remaster feature, we have made a dedicated article on What is Midjourney Remaster feature?

Midjourney Channels: Quick Overview

Announcements – Here, you will find all the latest news about new features and updates about Midjourney.

Midjourney Channels

Recent Changes – You’ll get to know all the recent changes made in Midjourney.

Midjourney Channels

Status – Here, you will find the status of the Midjourney Bot. 

Rules – Here, you can find all the community guidelines for Midjourney.

FAQ – You’ll find answers to all the frequently asked questions.

Midjourney FAQ

Getting Started – This channel gives you a complete guide on how to use Midjourney.

Welcome – In this channel, Midjourney welcomes every new member.

Trial Support – Here, you can add all your queries or issues regarding Midjourney Bot.

How to Fix Midjourney Errors?

Midjourney is a well-known software because of its accuracy and efficiency. But it’s just another software that is likely to have errors.

While working on Midjourney, you may encounter some errors. 

Let’s go through some of the common errors and how we can fix them.

"Application did not respond” Error

This error is the most basic one that everyone encounters every now and then. This error simply means that the Midjourney Bot is down. 

There’s not much we can do about this except wait.

So, next time you encounter this error, just wait for a few moments or close the discord and reinvite Midjourney on the discord.


“Invalid link” Error

While creating images on Midjourney, sometimes we use the image from the internet by copying and pasting the link, but this doesn’t always work and we get an error like this.

To prevent this error from happening, you can simply download your desired image and then upload it into Middjourney by hitting the “+” button.

Once you have uploaded your image, right-click on the image and copy the address by clicking “Copy Image Address.” 


“Interaction failed” Error:

This error is the most frustrating so far. This error happens when you have a poor internet connection. To avoid this error, make sure you have a stable internet connection.


“Banned Words” Error

Midjourney is famous for creating a vague genre of art, but certain words are completely banned on Midjourney.

If you try to use these words, you’ll see an error. In worst-case scenarios, your account can be terminated by Midjourney if you persist in using these words.


There’s a long list of Banned Words, almost 1000, which is impossible to add to this guide. 

Click Here to read the whole list and avoid them when creating on Midjourney.

How to Write a Midjourney Prompt? A Complete Guide

Prompt is the input we give Midjourney to create the art of our imaginations. It sometimes might be hard to convert your imagination into words, but it’s the most crucial part of creating art on Midourney.

Here are some important points to consider while crafting a prompt on Midjourney. 

By following these points, you can maximize the results.

  1. The prompt should start with a SUBJECT, like a young girl, a woman, a fictional character, etc.
  2. Then we must define the attributes of the subjects like the hair, the clothing, the jewelry, facial expressions, etc.
  3. Next, define the artistic style, like what kind of colors you want, what kind of style, age, style, etc.
  4. After that, we have to define render attributes, for example, DSLR, 8k, 4k, intricate details, etc.
  5. In the end, you write specific Midjourney commands like –test –creative –AR 16 by 9, etc.

By keeping these points in mind, you can easily create prompts on Midjourney. But here is a tool that creates better prompts.

A Tool for Crafting Better Prompts

Crafting a fantastic prompt is an art, but you don’t have to be an artist to craft better prompts. 

Let me share a tool that will help you craft better prompts and enhance your results to a great extent.Go to https://prompt.noonshot.com/

Midjourney Prompt tool

Enter your main idea.

Select different attributes you want to add to your main idea, like style, quality, colors, etc.

Midjourney Prompt tool

You can select as many attributes as you want and copy the prompt after selecting them.

Go to Midjourney discord, paste the prompt, and click Enter.

Midjourney Prompt tool

And Midjourney will start creating its magic.

Here’s the final result.

Midjourney Prompt tool

Midjourney Gallery

Let’s have a look at some amazing art created by none other than Midjourney.

Prompt#1: A cityscape where the architecture is made entirely of ice


Prompt#2: A forest where every tree has different faces


prompt#3: An abstract representation of a memory

prompt#4: A floating garden in the clouds

midjourey ai art

prompt#5: A surreal take on a classic fairytale character


prompt#6: A futuristic cityscape where humans and robots coexist in harmony

midjourney ai art generator

prompt#7: A surreal interpretation of the four seasons in one image

prompt#8: An underwater world filled with bizarre, luminescent creatures


prompt#9: A forest made entirely of glass and mirrors

midjourney ai

prompt#10: A portrait of a person whose face is made of flowers


prompt#11: A landscape that is half in daylight and half in the moonlight

prompt#12: A cityscape where the buildings are made of candy and sweets

midjourney ai

prompt#13: A cityscape where the buildings are made of books, and the streets are lined with giant pages

prompt#14: A surreal interpretation of a castle floating in the clouds

midjourney ai

prompt#15: An abstract representation of a person’s inner thoughts and emotions

Final Thoughts

Midjourney is by far the best AI Art Generator out there, to say the least. It has gained popularity for all good reasons. It’s completely free to set up, so there is no excuse left to try this out. You don’t have to be an artist to be on Midjourney, this is a platform for everyone.

Isn’t it exciting that Midjourney is improving every day, and we are expecting some amazing features from it in the near future.

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