How to save Chat GPT Thread & Conversation & Best 6 Free Extensions/Applications!

by Danesh Ramuthi · Updated March 21, 2023

ChatGPT has taken the entire world by storm.

With more than 13 Million unique visitors every day, more people are starting to incorporate ChatGPT into their daily work. 

People are looking for smarter ways to use ChatGPT that can save them hours of their time. 

One of the recent obsessions is on learning how to save a ChatGPT thread in a very easy and simple way using any applications and extensions.

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Worry not. We are here to teach you different ways to save and share ChatGPT threads and conversation that guarantees you a more seamless experience using ChatGPT.

Let’s get into It.

What is ChatGPT?: OpenAI’s Latest Product

Save ChatGPT Thread

ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art conversational AI model developed by OpenAI. 

It’s advanced training on a broad spectrum of internet text gives it the capability to communicate and respond in a way that closely mimics human speech. 

This unique feature makes it a sought-after tool for various industries and applications.

People worldwide are using ChatGPT for various purposes, such as market research, keyword research, ideation, blog writing and outline, code writing, and a lot more. 

Sometimes, ChatGPT might get overloaded and produce internal server errors, and you must refresh the page or wait a few hours before using it again. 

Save ChatGPT Thread

We looked at what ChatGPT is and its use purposes. Let’s take a look at the best applications and extensions for ChatGPT users to learn how to save ChatGPT conversations.

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Best Save ChatGPT Thread Extensions & Applications 2023

Save ChatGPT Thread - Best Solutions

There are around 6 different extensions you can use to save chatgpt thread easily. All you need to do is to install the extension below and then you can save your chatgpt conversation seamlessly. 

Save ChatGPT Thread

ChatGPT Prompt Genius is a free, open-source browser extension that enhances your ChatGPT experience by providing a way to find, share, import, and use the best prompts.

This tool also allows you to save your chatgpt thread locally, so you can easily review previous conversations and refer to them later. 

The extension has a prompt templates feature that makes it simple to find and add prompts to your collection. 

With the ability to search, categorize, and select prompts right on the page, ChatGPT Prompt Genius helps you to find creative and productive ways to use ChatGPT.

How to use ChatGPT Prompt Genius?

Step 1: Download the extension and start asking ChatGPT some questions.

Step 2: When your question is answered, click on the ChatGPT Prompt Genius extension on your browser.

Step 3: Now, you will be redirected to ChatGPT Prompt Genius’s dashboard.

Save ChatGPT Thread

Step 4: From here you can rerender your conversation in a style that closely mimics ChatGPT, complete with code rendering and the ability to copy.

Here’s the complete video demo:

Where to get ChatGPT Prompt Genius?

Head over to Google Chrome Web Store and download for free there. 

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Effortlessly Store and Save Your ChatGPT conversation in PDF with the GPTMarker Chrome extension which offers a seamless and intuitive experience for preserving and sharing your ChatGPT dialogues.

With just a few clicks, you can generate links of your chats with ChatGPT and share them with anyone. 

This feature makes it simple to keep a record of your conversations and to share them with others.

Moreover, the extension is user-friendly and adds an enjoyable touch to your ChatGPT experience.

Experience the convenience for yourself and discover how GPTMarker can help you save ChatGPT threads.

How to use GPTMarker? The Easiest Save Chat GPT Thread tool

Step 1: Download the GPTMarker extension from the link above and go to ChatGPT’s website

Step 2: Simply ask any questions or queries you have on ChatGPT. 

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Step 3: Once the answers are generated, click on the “ Save Thread” button at the bottom of the page, located right beside the “Regenerate Response” icon.

Save ChatGPT Thread

Step 4: You will be redirected to a new page like this, where you will have 2 options at the bottom of the page whether to share the conversation to Twitter or export the ChatGPT conversation to pdf. Choose which one suits your needs.

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Step 5: If you click on “ Share on Twitter,” you will be redirected to your Twitter page, where you can start posting your conversation as a tweet. It will look like the image below once you share it on Twitter. Your softcopy of the conversation will be downloaded immediately to your device once you click on “ Export to PDF.”

This is how you can save your ChatGPT Conversation in PDF.

Save ChatGPT Thread

Where to get GPTMarker, which is a ChatGPT conversation saver?

You can get this free chrome extension on the chrome web store on the link above or download the entire package here:

If you are interested in their official source code, you can get your hands on it on their official Github

Save ChatGPT Thread

SaveGPT is a browser extension that automatically saves your ChatGPT discussions and provides a “Chat History” option to access saved chats on the ChatGPT website.

Please note that SaveGPT is an independent project and has no association with OpenAI or ChatGPT.

How to use SaveGPT?

Step 1: Install the SaveGPT chrome extension.

Step 2: As usual, head over to the ChatGPT website and enter any questions and generate an answer from ChatGPT

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Step 3: Click on the “ Chat History” button on the top right corner of your ChatGPT dashboard.

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Step 4: Here, you can see a list of all your conversations arranged in an easy-to-see manner.

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Here’s a complete video guide to assist you.

Where to get SaveChatGPT?

It’s easy. You can head over to their official website and install the extension. On their page, you can choose either chrome extension or firefox add-ons to install, depending on which browser is your preferred one. 

Save ChatGPT Thread

By far, the easiest and most convenient tool for you to view your past conversation because this is a built-in feature of ChatGPT, and you don’t have to install any extension to view your past conversation. 

While you can’t save your conversation or threads using this feature, it allows you to view and continue past conversations. 

ChatGPT makes it easier for users to keep track of the information they have received and to continue having productive and informative interactions with the chatbot.

With this feature, users can have a more seamless experience with ChatGPT and have access to the information they need when they need it.

How to use ChatGPT’s History Feature?

Go to ChatGPT’s website, and on the left-hand side, you can see a column with the main title of your past conversation with it. ChatGPT will usually assign the title after analyzing your question. 

Once you click on any of the titles, you can continue your conversation with ChatGPT for that particular topic where you left off. 

Save ChatGPT Thread

Pretty simple.

Where to get ChatGPT’s History Feature?

It’s a built- in feature and hence requires no additional downloads and installations. All you need is an account on OpenAI, and you are good to go.

How to save ChatGPT conversation

ShareGPT is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to share your ChatGPT conversations with others with just one click.

 With this tool, you can generate permanent links to your ChatGPT chats, making it simple and convenient to share your conversations with friends.

How to use ShareGPT?

Step 1: Download ShareGPT chrome extension from the link given above.

Step 2: Visit ChatGPT’s website and ask any questions.

Step 3: Once the answer is generated, you will see a share button at the bottom of the page, and click on it.

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Step 4: You will be redirected to a new page like this, and at the bottom, you will have the option to share your conversation.

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Refer the complete video demo below to understand better. 

Where to get ShareGPT?

Download a free chrome extension and join 10000+ bloggers who are enjoying this tool.

6. Save ChatGPT: Save Chat GPT Thread in TXT

Save ChatGPT Thread

Download a free chrome extension and join 10000+ bloggers who are enjoying this tool.

How to use SaveChatGPT?

Step 1: Make sure you installed SaveChatGPT Chrome Extension

Step 2: Generate answers through ChatGPT

Step 3: Once done, click on the extension on the browser and you will see the save as button.

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Step 4: Save the file to your device.

Save ChatGPT Thread

Step 5: Open the txt file and you are done.

How to save ChatGPT conversation

Where to get SaveChatGPT?

Since it’s an extension, you can download this extension for free on Google Chrome Web Store.


So there you have it, folks, the ultimate guide on how to save your wildest ChatGPT conversations & threads and the top free applications to do so. 

Now you’ll never have to worry about losing a hilarious exchange with ChatGPT again! Just imagine being able to relive those golden moments over and over; it’s like having a ChatGPT time machine! 

Who needs a DeLorean when you have SaveGPT and ChatGPT Prompt Genius?! 

So go ahead and start saving those chats, and feel free to share them with your friends. 

Happy chatting!

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