What are Midjourney’s U1 and V1 Buttons?

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Last Updated February 21, 2023

Midjourney is everywhere. Artists use it as a tool to boost their creativity, and an average person uses it as a toy to convert their imagination into reality. 

Having said that, Midjourney is a bit trickier to understand as it contains a lot of settings and different buttons. 

In this article, we’ll understand the most basic buttons of Midjourney, which are the U and V buttons. By understanding how these buttons work, you can get the best possible results for your artwork.

Let’s get into it.

What is Midjourney?

It is an AI Art Generator that uses complex machine-learning algorithms to create imagery from a text prompt.

How to get to the Midjourney?

Setting up Midjourney is a lot easier than you might think. Just follow these simple steps.

Go to Midjourney.com

midjourney what is u1 v1

Hit Join the Beta

midjourney what is u1 v1

Accept the discord invite, which will take you to the Midjourney’s official discord.

Midjourney U1 and V1 Buttons

Click on Ship-like icon of Midjourney’s Bot, and you’ll see different channels.

Midjourney U1 and V1 Buttons

Go to Newcomer rooms and join one of the newbie channels.

midjourney what is u1 v1

Here you can see other people’s art and start creating yours.

Midjourney U1 and V1 Buttons

How to Create AI Arts in Midjourney?

First of all, let’s understand the basics.

If you want to generate an image in Midjoruney Bot, go to the message section and type in /imagine, and hit the spacebar.

Now you have this field to type in your desired prompt.

midjourney what is u1 v1

While writing your prompt, be as descriptive as you can.

After writing your prompt, hit Enter again and let Midjourney do its magic.

midjourney what is u1 v1

It will take a few minutes, but the results will shock you. Once it is rendered, you’ll have to scroll down to find the results.

midjourney what is u1 v1

And Voila, here are the results.

Midjourney U1 and V1 Buttons

Click on the images, then right-click and save your image on your local PC

Midjourney U1 and V1 Buttons

Didn’t like the results? No worries, hit the double arrow like refresh button at the corner, and the Midjourney will create new results with a different set of images. When you click refresh, it runs your job once again and creates different results.

midjourney what is u1 v1

Need more reasons to love Midjourney? It further provides you with options to enlarge and enhance the quality of your results and even create different variations of the chosen image.

This can be done by using U and V buttons below your images.

Let’s try them out!

Midjourney U1 and V1 Buttons

What are U and V buttons in Midjourney?

Now, underneath your results, you’ll see different buttons. U stands for Upscale, and V stands for Variations. Midjourney allows you to further upscale your images by clicking the U buttons or create different variations of the images by clicking the V buttons. 

The number of buttons corresponds to the number of images, like U1 upscaling the first image and so on.

What Does The U1 Button Mean?

After getting results for your prompt, you’ll be able to see four U buttons underneath the results. U stands for “upscale,” and numbers correspond to the number of images. 

So, if you click U1, it will upscale the first image. Upscaling simply means creating a more detailed version of the chosen image.

Let’s try them out!

Prompt: A cute alien


Now, I am going to upscale these images.


Midjourney U1 and V1 Buttons



Midjourney U1 and V1 Buttons


When you upscale an image, you further get three options. You can even make variations of this upscaled image.

How to Control Upscaling?

By default, when you click upscale, it adds extra details to the image. But what if you don’t want extra details? In that case, you light upscale your image. This button upscales the image without adding too many details.

On the other hand, if you want your image to be highly detailed, you can HIT the button upscale to the max, and it will do the job for you.

NOTE: Upscale max is only available in fast mode, not in relax mode.

Click Here to read the complete guide on Midjourney. You’ll get to learn every nitty-gritty detail in that.

What Does The V1 Button Mean?

Similar to U buttons, the number of V buttons corresponds to the number of images. The V stands for “variations.” Midjourney creates four images by default and usually, one catches your attention more than the others. In this case, you want to create variations of the specific image you liked. 

All you have to do is hit the V button for the selected image to get satisfactory results.

Now, let’s create different variations for each image. It will create a similar set of images of the image that I liked.





Limitations in Midjourney

When you sign up with Midjourney, you get only 25 images as part of your free trial. Once you burn all your units, you’ll need to buy a subscription for Midjourney.

We have broken down the steps for you if you plan to buy a subscription. Make sure you check out the full details HERE. If you’d like more information on channels, prompts, settings, and all the detailed stuff, check out our complete user guide on Midjourney HERE.


Midjourney is a great tool for everyone to get their creativity flowing. Since it is super easy to set up and gives you free queries, so there is no excuse left not to try this out. Midjourney is still in Beta and comes up with new features every couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Midjourney.

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