Midjourney Pricing : How much does Midjourney cost?

by Danesh Ramuthi · Updated Feb 25, 2023

Midjourney has been the talk of the town for both good and bad reasons. 

From unimaginable art generation to ethical issues behind ai art, the talk doesn’t seem to stop yet.

With all these hypes and vibes, I am sure you must be interested in knowing more about Midjourney and how much does Midjourney cost? 

You are not alone.

In this article, we will learn about how much does Midjourney cost, how you can subscribe, a comparison of Midjourney with other ai generator dall-e, and bonus Midjourney prompts that are going to blow your mind. 

Let’s start the journey.

What is Midjourney?

You might know Midjourney as an AI Art Generator on the Discord server that allows you to wear the cap of an artist and generate mind blowing images, which is true, but Midjourney actually is an independent research lab that is exploring new thought mediums and expanding the human species’ imaginative powers.

Midjourney is not here to simply allow one to create art and move on. 

Absolutely not. 

They are here to change the way Artificial Intelligence models are being trained, and then produce some perfect images and push the boundary of human imagination powers.

Sounds good, right?

That is what differentiates them from the other Ai Image Generators out there.

Currently, there are almost 8 million members in the entire world using Mid journey.

You might be one of them or want to be a part of Midjourney’s community.

Now we have discussed what Midjourney is, let’s move on to the Midjourney cost.

Midjourney Cost: Complete Midjourney Pricing

Is Midjourney Free?

YES! It is absolutely free, but you can pay to get the privilege of generating more images faster than others if you or your business have a bigger need.

Once you have joined their discord and read and agree to the terms and conditions, you can start generating images yourself.

You will be given a limited trial of 25 queries when you start using Midjourney. It means that you can type in any prompt that you want to generate images only 25 times. After that, you have to subscribe to their membership plan.

Trust me, you are not going to stop there.

Simply go to any of their discord’s newbie channels and then type in the command /Imagine [ Your Prompt], and that’s all.

How much does Midjourney cost

But why do we have to pay, right?

David Holz, the founder of Midjourney, said in an Interview with Verge that the cost for training image models is around $50,000 USD per iteration.

Sounds expensive, and that is why they need to introduce a subscription plan that helps the team behind Midjourney to continuously work smoothly without any cost issues and focus on giving us a gold mine to generate out of the world arts.

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Midjourney Subscription/Pricing Plan: Midjourney Cost

Midjourney has 3 different subscription plans: the Basic Plan, the Standard Plan, and the Pro Plan, and the cost for each of the plans varies based on your monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Yearly Billing: Midjourney Pricing

Midjourney Pricing

Monthly Billing: Midjourney Pricing

Midjourney Cost

Basic Plan

Cost of the Basic plan is $8 USD per month for yearly billing and $10 USD per month for monthly billing.

If you subscribe to Midjourney’s Basic Plan, you will get access to the followings:

  • Receive Limited generations (~200 / month)
  • General commercial terms
  • Access to member gallery
  • Optional credit top ups

Standard Plan

Cost of the Standard plan is $24 USD per month for yearly billing and $30 USD per month for monthly billing. 

If you subscribe to Midjourney’s Standard Plan, you will get access to the followings:

  • 15h Fast of generations
  • Unlimited Relaxed generations
  • General commercial terms
  • Access to member gallery
  • Optional credit top ups

Pro Plan

Cost of the Pro plan is $48 USD Per Month for yearly billing and $60 USD Per Month for monthly billing. 

If you subscribe to Midjourney’s Standard Plan, you will get access to the followings:

  • 30h Fast of generations
  • Unlimited Relaxed generations
  • General commercial terms
  • Access to member gallery
  • Optional credit top ups
  • Stealth image generation

Even subscribing to Midjourney’s Basic Plan will allow you to generate a lot of images that can be used to make money, profile pictures, and for whatever purpose you want.

Learn more about Midjourney’s Policy here

How to Purchase a Midjourney’s Subscription Plan: Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Open your Discord and go to any newbie channel.

Midjourney Cost

Step 2: On the command box, write “/susbcribe” and then press enter

How much does Midjourney cost

Step 3: It will display a answer box with “Open Subscription page”

cancel midjourney subscription

Step 4: Click on the Link.

Step 5: You will now see the Midjourney’s subcription Plan page.

Midjourney Pricing

Step 6: Choose one plan that you like and the billing type, ”Yearly or Monthly”

Step 7: Click on Subscribe

Step 8: Wait for a checkout page from Stripe to appear.

How much does Midjourney cost

Step 9: Choose “ Credit Card” or “Alipay” from the payment options.

Step 10: Enter your credit card details, or if you choose “Alipay,” you will be redirected to the Alipay Checkout page, where you have to scan the QR Code to complete your subscription.

How much does Midjourney cost

Step 11: Click Subscribe and you are done.

It’s very simple and direct.

Dall-E Cost: Midjourney’s Competitor

Dall-E is another top-flight AI Art Generator from Openai, the brain behind ChatGPT. We saw the pricing options and features for Midjourney’s subscription plans. Let’s now have a look at Dall-E’s plan.

  • Each credit from Dall-E generates 4 images with a resolution of 1024×1024 
  • Dall-E images are generated through Web UI. 
  • Unlike Midjourney, Dall-E doesn’t use discord but a website for art creation. 
  • You need to manually download each of the generated images on their website.
  • You will receive a signup bonus of 50 free credits during your first month and 15 subsequent free credits for consecutive months.
  • If you wish to generate more, you must pay as usual for a sum of USD 15 for 115 credits or generation. 
  • Dall-E doesn’t have a monthly plan.

Try every top AI art generator on the market because we live in an exciting time of the century when the definition of art is gradually changing.

Ride the wave and familiarise yourself with different AI software.

Can you cancel your Midjourney Subscription Plan?

Yes, you can. Once you have committed to a certain plan and have a change of heart, you can cancel your plan without any issues at anytime.

You must log in to Midjourney using your login details, scroll to your plan, and click cancel.

If you are having trouble following this way, you can simply type /subscribe again on the newbie channel’s command box, and it will bring you to your Plan Page, and you can click cancel from there. 


Can you change your Midjourney Subscription Plan?

At any point in your subscription journey, you can change your plan by simply clicking on “subscribe” on the new plan you want.

Before I wrap up, I would like to deliver my promise by giving you the Best 15 Midjourney prompts you can use to create masterpieces.

Midjourney Prompts: Best 20 Midjourney Prompt

  1. tiger dragon abstract painting
  2. lofcraftian realistic bmw m5 e39 tuned, art, ai, infinity sunset 
  3. a long hair ninja man character, A huge mountant to a surreal world, dramatic lights, cinematic lights, vibrant lights, ultra-realistic, 8K
  4. a car in cyberpunk city v4 –ar 3:2 
  5. Mercedes Benz w213 e63s amg in the night city with neon signs in blue, cyan, purple
  6. elegant website design Asus TUF Gaming F15
  7. 4k,skew,people,gamer,friendship
  8. gut health, A huge gates to surreal world, dramatic lights, cinematic lights, vibrant lights, ultra realistic, 8K 
  9. beautful website of super power–v4– stylize 600 
  10. wolf bear king kong red air water
  11. A valkyrie with black wings, red eyes, and dark blue hair with a green helmet that reveals a beautiful face and carries a scarlet spear with side blades and wears battle armor made of green jade covered with carbon steel and rides a silver griffin, a dark temple in the background, dark style, 3d style, sandman style
  12. astral world cosmos thoughts man 
  13. biology subject biologycally worl beautiful 3d science
  14. A man sitting on a chair reading a book
  15. cartoon, realistic anime style, ultra real, 8k, hdr, futuristic ,artwork, neon , cyberpunk style
  16. multi-color neon Capricorn zodiac , HD, hyper-realistic, cosmos background, stars, HD,8k, colorful ,smooth,. –q 2 –upbeta –v 4 
  17. goth care bear cartoon
  18. interior design, wood and glass, bedroom, purple and gold colour, double bed, lamp, lights
  19. multi-color neon Water bearer (human figure) zodiac , HD, hyper-realistic, cosmos background, stars, HD,8k, colorful ,smooth,. –q 2 –upbeta –v 4 – 
  20. photorealistic, vitange fountain pen, blue ink

Midjourney AI Arts: Gallery

Masterpieces generated by Midjourney.

Midjourney Pricing
Midjourney Pricing
Midjourney Pricing
Midjourney price
midjourney price

Wrapping Up

Midjourney’s paid subscription has more benefits than the free version. But it is not mandatory for everyone to subscribe for a subscription.

If Midjourney is not in your budget, but you are just an Art Enthuasists, you can still use the free version and generate amazing images.

We hope our Midjourney Pricing guide provides you with all the information on Midjourney’s subscription plan. 

Keep on generating awesome images and ride the ai art wave.

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Thanks for Reading!

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