ChatGPT: A Definitive Guide

by Danesh Ramuthi · Updated March 07, 2023


ChatGPT has been the talk of the town now for months and it’s not surprising.

With more than 100 Million users, people all over the world are turning to ChatGPT to get answers for all sorts of questions that they have. 

The integration of ChatGPT with the Bing Search Engine caused both excitement and controversies, with some calling it the evolution of search engines while others are afraid of the AI being sentient. 

If you are here, it means your life at some point has been affected by ChatGPT either positively or negatively. 

Maybe you want to master how to use ChatGPT or you want to make sure it doesn’t replace you. 

Whatever the reason is.

Let me assure you that you will leave this page today with the satisfaction of knowing  everything you need to know about ChatGPT.

It’s the Bible of ChatGPT that you will be reading now. 

I will cover what ChatGPT is, the technology behind it, best practices in using ChatGPT, the future of ChatGPT, limitations and many more. 

So, stay tuned with me and let’s kickstart the ChatGPT Bible.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot platform developed by OpenAI and designed to enable developers and users to create natural language processing (NLP) applications with ease.

You must have encountered a chatbot on any website or when contacting customer service online.

Something like this

chatgpt ai chotbot example

Usually, you will get your replies within seconds but in fact the entity responsible for the action is an ai powered chatbot trained with possible questions and answers that it can anticipate. 

ChatGPT is also similar to that but in a more larger scale where you can literally ask it any questions such as essays, blog posts, codes, market research and a lot more and get immediate & accurate answers.

It is a powerful language-generation technology built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 model.

GPT-3 was initially introduced in 2020 and has since been at the forefront of natural language processing. It enables developers and users to build conversational AI systems that can generate text based on the context of the discussion

Who made ChatGPT? Origin of ChatGPT

open ai - the company behind chatgpt

OpenAI, a pioneering research organization dedicated to developing artificially intelligent systems that can communicate with people, developed ChatGPT.

To share its findings with the larger community and make its technology available to developers, OpenAI has released a variety of open-source tools, such as Dall-E 2 which is a text-to-image generation software.

Is ChatGPT Free to Use?

Absolutely, using ChatGPT is free. 

Making an OpenAI account and registering will grant you access to the site. 

You have complete access to the source code and all of its features after you register.

Make sure to verify your email address before using ChatGPT to avoid any possible errors while using the web application. 

But there is also a paid version of ChatGPT known as ChatGPT Plus which gives you much more advanced benefits.

How much does ChatGPT Cost? ChatGPT Subscription, Plans & Pricings

How much does ChatGPT Cost? ChatGPT Subscription, Plans & Pricings

There are no restrictions for free users using ChatGPT but certain limitations are imposed.

ChatGPT is relatively new but has come a long way in updating its module.

Paid version of ChatGPT or known as ChatGPT Plus has 3 main advantages compared to the free version of it. 

A $20 per month “Pilot Membership” for ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence system that can converse with you, answer follow-up questions, and correct any incorrect assumptions, will begin on February 1, 2023, according to a press release from ChatGPT.

Advantages of ChatGPT Plus are as follows: 

  1. Even in the middle of the day’s busiest times, ChatGPT is always open.
  2. Greater speed of response
  3. First access to new features and improvements.

According to OpenAI, they adore their free customers and will keep providing the service. ChatGPT strives to help as many individuals as possible to have access to the service without paying a dollar by using a paid model.

ChatGPT Plus Sign Up

Invitations to those on the waitlist have been given out, and ChatGPT Plus is now available in most regions.

Formerly, you had to wait until you were added to their waitlist before you could join ChatGPT Plus.

The “Upgrade to Plus” button has been moved to the left side of your ChatGPT dashboard.

Click on the “Upgrade to Plus” Button and then you will be redirected to all the relevant steps.

If you stumble into any issue then check out our guide on How Much Will ChatGPT Cost & Step by Step tutorial to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. 

Join the waitlist if ChatGPT Plus is still unavailable in your region.

Do you need to download ChatGPT to access it?

No, you do not need to download ChatGPT as it runs entirely online once you have an OpenAI

You can easily create one from the OpenAI homepage, or you can use a third-party chatbot platform such as Dialogflow or Amazon Lex to access fantastic chatbot features.
ChatGPT is not the only one out there.

Once you have an OpenAI account, you can access ChatGPT from the OpenAI dashboard. From there, you can create a new chatbot and customize it to your needs. 

You can also use the OpenAI API to integrate ChatGPT into your existing applications and websites.

Do this only if you have some background in IT or programming as things will get more technical down at API level.

All you need to know is:

  1. Create an OpenAI account
  2. Verify the account
  3. Login to OpenAI
  4. Open ChatGPT
  5. You got it, that’s all
  6. Start Asking. 

How to register an OpenAI account

Creating an OpenAI account is easy and simple.

Step 1: Click “Sign Up” on their homepage to register.

register open ai account for chatgpt

Step 2: In order to click on sign up, first you need to scroll down to the footer of the website and click “Log In”. 

register open ai account for chatgpt

Step 3: From there you can click “Sign Up” on the Login web page.

register open ai account for chatgpt

Step 4: Enter your Email address.

register open ai account for chatgpt

Step 5: Enter your Password.

register open ai account for chatgpt

Step 6: You’ll get an activation email once you’ve entered your informations.

register open ai account for chatgpt
chatgpt verify your email

Step 7: Once you have verified your email, you will need to add more details about yourself.

chatgpt guide

Step 8: Then, you will need to get your phone number verified. Read out step by step guide to verify your phone number.

Step 9: Once it’s done you will be redirected to OpenAI’s onboarding page.

open ai onboarding page

After this, you’ll have access to your OpenAI account and ChatGPT once your identification has been confirmed.

Start exploring ChatGPT. Browse the many features once you’ve signed in to your OpenAI account. You can create and manage projects, access the OpenAI API, and use the OpenAI platform to build and deploy AI models. 

Creating an account with OpenAI can bring several advantages. You can, for instance, obtain access to their GPT language models, which are among the most effective language models accessible. You may use these models to generate text, answer questions, and more with an account.

OpenAI also provides many application programming interfaces (APIs) for incorporating its language models and other tools into software projects. The OpenAI APIs are accessible after registering an account and receiving an API key.

Few more benefits include early access to new tools and features that OpenAI is constantly developing in the field of AI and  being a part of an active community of developers and researchers who use its tools and engage in discussions about the latest developments in the field of AI.

How to use ChatGPT?

Quick tutorial on how you can use ChatGPT for any purpose.

Making sure your OpenAI account is active!

Head over to openai’s homepage.

how to use chatgpt

Click on “Try” on the middle top of the webpage.

how to use chatgpt

You will now be redirected to ChatGPT’s login page.

Click on Login and enter your details

Alternatively, you can also login through google or Microsoft account.

Once logged in, you will be redirected to the chatgpt dashboard.

Begin by adding any queries or prompts on the command box and click the generate icon.

Read the answer that was given to you.

Regenerate if you are not satisfied with the answer.

Just like this, you can use chatGPT for any purpose.

We will delve deeper into the steps involved with complete visuals for various ChatGPT’s use cases.

So worry not!

ChatGPT Features: What you need to know?

chatgpt features

New Chat Icon

chatgpt features new chat

Click on New Chat if you want to start a fresh conversation with ChatGPT or anytime you encounter any technical errors. 

ChatGPT is a training module. 

For every chat, it learns from your query, adapts and gives you the answer that is most personalised for you.

Whenever you click on “New Chat”, the intimacy between you and ChatGPT will be lost.

So only click on New Chat whenever you are talking about:

  • Entirely New Subject Matter
  • Whenever there is an Error
  • Old conversation finished

View ChatGPT Conversation

chatgpt features history

On the left side of your ChatGPT’s dashboard, there is a long history of your thread which you can click on anytime to continue your previous conversation with it. If the conversation is no longer useful for you then simply click delete.

Upgrade to Plus Icon

chatgpt features

This is where you will start upgrading your ChatGPT Subscription and follow the steps outlined here to get the most out of your subscription. 

Clear Conversations Button

chatgpt features

This button will clear all the saved history between you and ChatGPT. Only do this in a really important situation.

Light Mode & Dark Mode

chatgpt mode

You can choose your ChatGPT’s interface to be dark or light by simply clicking on these icons. 

Dark Mode

chatpgt dark mode

Light Mode

light mode

Updates & Faq

All the latest updates and frequently asked questions on chatgpt will be here. Check it our if you want to learn the recent updates on ChatGPT.

chatgpt updates

Log Out

log out chatgpt

Here you can log out from your ChatGPT eventhough many simply cancel their browser.

Logging out through here will make you log in again the next time you want to use chatgpt so it’s a bit of a hassle.

ChatGPT Errors -List of ChatGPT Errors Encountered by Users

chatgpt errors

No apps are without errors. ChatGPT has no expectations.

Plenty of users have confided in communities everywhere on their frustrations on the errors that they faced when using ChatGPT.

Let’s have a look on few common errors ChatGPT users face and how to solve it.

ChatGPT Internal Server Error

There are three scenarios that can trigger an internal server error in ChatGPT. That happens, first, when a person tries to join in to ChatGPT but is repeatedly sent to the login page even after entering their credentials.

Second, several people have said they get Internal Server Errors when they try to use ChatGPT. Something goes wrong both at the outset of a new ChatGPT session and in the midst of an ongoing one.

This is also known as the:

ChatGPT error on Long Responses

Sometimes ChatGPT stops in the middle of answering the question and displays an “Internal Server Error”. 

Third, when ChatGPT is at full capacity, an internal server error happens. Instead of getting to the ChatGPT dashboard, you will see an error like “ChatGPT is at capacity right now.”

Other than this, users of OpenAI’s ChatGPT run into a few other errors, which we will briefly talk about later. For now, we’ll show you how to fix ChatGPT Internal Server errors.

Few solutions for this error include verifying your email, clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page.We have compiled 10 Best Quick Solutions for ChatGPT Internal Server Error, have a read to get a much deeper understanding on why this error occurs and how to fix them right away.

ChatGPT Error in Body Stream

ChatGPT Error in body stream occurs when a user asks a question to ChatGPT and it takes a long time to answer the query, and then it stops in the middle of generating an answer and shows ” error in body stream “.

Why does this error persist?

  1. Overloaded Server
  2. internet connectivity problems
  3. Complex Prompts

We’ve tried and tested a variety of workarounds for this mistake, and we’re confident that the methods listed in our Complete ChatGPT Body Stream Error Guide are the best you’ll find when you face a chatgpt error in the body stream.

To give you an overview on the solutions, here are some quick fixes you can try.

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Check Internet Connection – Troubleshoot
  3. Click on New Chat
  4. Clear Browser Cache

ChatGPT prompts: What can you ask ChatGPT?

Playing around with ChatGPT was one of the best decisions I made in my life.

For months, we tried several queries 

One can ask ChatGPT literally anything that does not violate its user policy, which states that no hateful questions, adult or x-rated inquiries, sensitive prompts, or violence are permitted. 

Use Cases of ChatGPT :

  1. Chatting: ChatGPT can be used for chatting, as the name suggests! You can communicate using ChatGPT just as you would with a friend or workmate. It can comprehend spoken language and give suitable responses.
  2. Answering inquiries: Use ChatGPT if you have any inquiries! It can respond to you rapidly because it has access to a lot of information.
  3. ChatGPT is here to aid you with your writing! Ask ChatGPT for assistance if you’re having trouble coming up with a sentence or need some creative ideas.
  4. Text can be translated from one language to another using ChatGPT. When conversing with someone who speaks a different language, this can be helpful.
  5. Coding Assistant: The ChatGPT Coding Assistant function was created to assist programmers and developers with their coding tasks. For individuals who are just learning how to code or for those who require a little extra assistance along the way, it can be really helpful. Code Completion, Checking for errors, Syntax suggestions, and General Coding Advice are part of the ChatGPT’s coding assistant.

We tried several examples of questions that actually gave us some amazing results.

Let’s have a look.

SEO Keyword Research

Find relevant keywords to your main article in seconds using ChatGPT.

Use this Prompt: List down relevant SEO keywords for the article: Whitening Serum for young Kids



Use ChatGPT to replace blog writers in 3 minutes

Use these 2 amazing prompts to create a blog post unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Prompt 1: 

Behave in the manner of [desired competence for writing the blog article].

Create a blog article that provides a full summary of your [product/service]’s features and benefits, customized to the specific demands and pain points of your [target audience persona].

To explain how your [product/service] meets their particular [concerns/desires], use [language and tone] that resonates with your [target audience persona].

Incorporate powerful SEO terms such as [share a list prepared by ChatGPT]].

Include specific examples, research, and testimonials to substantiate your statements and develop trust with your audience.

Use [storytelling power OR a case study] to demonstrate the impact of your [product/service] on [your target audience persona].

Finish with a [strong and clear, compelling, and urgent] call-to-action encouraging your audience to take the [next/required] step toward [purchasing/signing up for/trying] your [product/service].

As you design your content, keep in mind any [industry-specific] peculiarities that may impact the efficacy of your messaging.

It is not an advertisement for [product or service], but rather a blog post about [benefit of your product or service].

Include the necessary blog post formatting for SEO, such as an introduction, body, title tags, heading tags, and meta description.

End with a [strong and clear, compelling, urgent] call-to-action that encourages your audience to take the [next/required] step towards [purchasing/signing up for/trying] your [product/service].

As you create your content, keep in mind any [industry-specific nuances/cultural sensitivities] that may impact the effectiveness of your messaging.

It’s a blog post about [benefit of your product or service], not an ad for [product or service].

Include the required formatting of an efficient blog post to boost SEO, with an introduction, body, Title tags, Heading tags, and Meta description.


ChatGPT Blog Writing

Prompt 2: 

Act as if you have [desired expertise].

Rewrite what you just answered me in the exact same format using the principles of [desired copywriting acronym].

Also, use [analogies, stories, or jokes], and be [tone of voice, characteristics]. Prioritize [surprise, unusual, bold, conservative, unconventional] ideas.


ChatGPT Blog Writing

10 Amazon Brand ChatGPT Prompts

  1. Make a list of potential concerns that a consumer on Amazon might have regarding “product and the product name.”
  2. Create benefit statements for each of these unfavourable criticisms.
  3. Kindly boost conversions for product and the product name on an Amazon product listing by incorporating scarcity and urgency into my messaging.
  4. Make a list of reasons why [product name] is superior to my competition.
  5. Write five Amazon bullet points for a listing on Amazon for this “product and the product name,” marketing the result rather than the product and outlining the most desirable results those features produce.
  6. Additional Prompt: Increase the sexiness and allure of the bullets.
  7. Provide a few bullet points outlining what makes your product special in your clever and impactful Amazon listing for “product and the product name.”
  8. For an infographic marketing our “product and the product name” on Amazon, come up with 10 crazily inventive headlines.
  9. Provide instructions on how to use the product and how it can alleviate the “pain your product solves” in a creative and convincing product description for the “product and the product name.”
  10. Additional Prompt: To increase product visibility and help it rank on Amazon page 1, make sure to include relevant keywords for SEO.
  11. Make a list of 5 intriguing, SEO-friendly titles for your Amazon “explain your product” listings.
  12. Make a list of LSI keywords for the following Amazon item.
  13. Evaluate the bullet points in my current text and explain whether or not they are successful in attracting attention and converting readers.

Write Codes for Applications using ChatGPT

As we have explained before, ChatGPT can write codes flawlessly but still need human intervention. 

Many programmers are worried whether ChatGPT will replace them but it’s too early for it. 

However you can save hours, by using ChatGPT’s coding assistant to aid in your technical endeavours.

I used ChatGPT to create a simple translation app’s code to nudge me in the right way.

Prompt: Write me a complete code to build a very simple translation app without any bugs or glitches


Write codes using chatgpt

5 ChatGPT Prompts to Increase Your Email Copywriting Results by 250%

Steal these templates to up your email copywriting now. 

Prompt 1: Please create an email marketing campaign that highlights the [features] of our [product/service] and discusses how these [advantages] might be beneficial to [ideal customer persona] using the “Features-Advantages-Benefits” framework. Provide further details on the [benefits] of our product and how they might benefit the reader.

Prompt 2: Please create an email marketing campaign that portrays the current situation with a [issue] encountered by [ideal customer persona] using the “Before-After-Bridge” architecture. Show them the world after utilising our [product/service] and how their circumstances have changed as a result. Then give them a [bridge] that demonstrates how they can use our solution to reach that improved state.

Prompt 3: “Use the Attention-Interest-Desire-Action structure when writing an email marketing campaign to capture [ideal customer persona’s] attention and encourage them to act. To capture their attention, start with a provocative statement. Then, provide them with information that sparks their curiosity. Then, describe the advantages of our [product/service].

Prompt 4: Create an email marketing campaign utilising the Picture-Promise-Prove-Push architecture to draw attention to and arouse interest for our [product/service] in [ideal customer persona]. Explain how our product will live up to its promises, include endorsements to support those claims, and provide a small push to persuade the reader to act.

Prompt 5: “The “Four C’s” approach can be used to write email marketing campaigns that are clear, succinct, captivating, and credible for [target customer persona]. Utilize this checklist to make sure our message is delivered clearly and motivates the reader to act. Talking points like [unique selling point] and [desired action] should be included.”

5 Bonus Prompts

Prompt 6: “Utilizing the “Strong-Weak” paradigm, create an email marketing campaign to persuade [the ideal customer persona] to act. Emphasize the advantages of our [product/service] with forceful language and pictures, but be open and honest about any potential drawbacks or restrictions. Talking points like “unique selling point,” “pain point,” and “desired action” should be included.”

Prompt 7: “Please build an email marketing campaign using the “Emotion-Logic” paradigm that appeals to the [ideal client persona] and inspires demand for our [product/service]. Employ emotional appeals to engage the reader, but also rational justifications to persuade them to act. Talking points like “emotion,” “pain point,” and “desired action” should be included.”

Prompt 8: “Create a personal-universal email marketing campaign to connect our [product/service] with [target consumer persona]. Address their particular needs and goals using “you” language, but also make a connection between our offering and common human experiences and ideals. Talking points like “unique selling point,” “pain point,” and “desired action” should be included.”

Prompt 9: “Use the ‘Personal-Universal’ paradigm to create an email marketing campaign that speaks directly to our [target customer persona]. Utilize the pronoun “you” and talk about how our solution can solve their problems; at the same time, relate our product to their shared humanity. Use phrases like “[unique selling point], “[pain point,” and “[desired action” as talking points.”

Prompt 10: “Create a friend-expert email marketing campaign to endear our brand or product to our ideal customer and demonstrate our expertise in their eyes. Use an informal tone to establish rapport with the reader while emphasising our professionalism and experience. Use phrases like “[unique selling point], “[pain point,” and “[desired action” as talking points.”

ChatGPT's UX designers' prompt

Take advantage of this ChatGPT prompt for UX designers:

ChatGPT is the ultimate design system documentation tool.

The prompt is as follows:

I work as a designer on the design system team. For the design system, I need to create documentation for a toggle component.

Here are the guidelines and key points to remember:

The document provides an overview of the toggle, as well as an explanation of its anatomy and instructions for using it.

The document also discusses the distinctions between the toggle and other common form elements like the checkbox, switch, and radio button.

The document includes several tables in addition to the descriptive information. The tables include information about toggle sizes (M, L, XL), colours, design tokens, and various states.

Could you please write the documentation for me?


ChatGPT UX Designer Prompt

Translate Language Flawlessly

When dealing with written content, such as reading an article or message in a different language, ChatGPT can also be used for translation. ChatGPT can swiftly and accurately translate the content into a language the reader is more familiar with in place of using a human translator, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Here’s an example: 

Prompt: Translate the english content below to france language.


Translate Language using ChatGPT

Can ChatGPT be used for essay writing?

With everything that we have learned and created today using ChatGPT, it is inevitable to say that yes, ChatGPT can absolutely be used for essay writing!

ChatGPT is a language model that is designed to generate human-like text that can be used to write essays on a variety of topics.

However, it’s important to remember that using a language model like ChatGPT for essay writing has some limitations. One of the most significant limitations is the output character limit. The maximum output length for most language models, including ChatGPT, is around 2048 characters.

While this may appear to be a lot, writing a full essay within this time frame can be difficult. You may need to divide your essay into smaller sections or concentrate on a particular aspect of the topic you’re writing about.

Furthermore, keep in mind that language models like ChatGPT are not perfect. While they are capable of producing high-quality text, they may make mistakes or produce text that is not entirely on topic. Before using the text generated by ChatGPT in your essay, it’s always a good idea to review it and make any necessary edits or corrections.

Overall, ChatGPT can be a useful tool for essay writing, but keep in mind its limitations and use it in conjunction with your own writing and editing skills to produce a polished and effective essay.

How does ChatGPT Works? -Methodology Behind ChatGPT

How does ChatGPT Works? -Methodology Behind ChatGPT

ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is a cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) model that generates high-quality text through a combination of pre-training, fine-tuning, and reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF).

Here’s a more in-depth look at how ChatGPT works:

ChatGPT is first trained on a large corpus of text data using unsupervised learning. It employs a variant of the transformer architecture known as the “GPT” architecture. During the pre-training stage, the model learns the structure and patterns of natural language, which is then fine-tuned for specific NLP tasks.

Later, ChatGPT was fine-tuned on a specific task using supervised learning after pre-training. If the task is text generation, for example, the model is trained on a dataset of text examples that it should generate.

In recent work, OpenAI introduced InstructGPT, a new fine-tuning approach that uses explicit human instructions to fine-tune the model. This gives the model more control over its output and can improve its performance on specific tasks.

OpenAI has also investigated the use of reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) to improve the performance of ChatGPT.

RLHF entails having humans provide feedback to the model about the quality of its output, which is then used to update the model’s parameters. OpenAI used RLHF to improve the coherence and fluency of ChatGPT’s generated text in a recent study.

Apart from that, OpenAI has also investigated the use of a reinforcement learning algorithm known as Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO) to improve the efficiency of the RLHF process (PPO).

PPO is a policy gradient algorithm that allows the model to learn more efficiently from its mistakes by updating its parameters based on the outcomes of multiple interactions with the environment.

To summarise, ChatGPT generates high-quality text using pre-training, fine-tuning, and RLHF, including InstructGPT and PPO.

These methods enable the model to learn the structure and patterns of natural language, adapt to specific NLP tasks, and improve its performance in response to human feedback.

Will ChatGPT Replace Google?

In December 2022, Google declared a code red situation, asking teams and groups to work more harder on a  platform to rival OpenAI. 

Why did Google panic?

The reason is Microsoft’s revolutionary AI technology ChatGPT which broke the entire internet and created waves of excitement and restlessness worldwide.

This ChatBot has become a huge hit and gained over 100 million users within two months of its release, becoming the fastest-growing platform in history. The parent company OpenAI generated a tremendous amount of revenue and popularity because of the popularity of ChatGPT. However, Google was not happy because it cost Google a loss of $149 billion within two months of launch.

ChatGPT is efficient from Google because it gives highly personalized replies to your query. You write your query and get a concise and to-the-point answer.

On the other hand, Google shows you a bunch of links, including ads, and you have to figure it out on your own. 

Here ChatGPT takes a point, and google worries about maintaining its dominancy in the search industry.

But like any other Bot, ChatGPT has its own limitations.ChatGPT’s limitations are Google’s greatest strengths.

Let us show you where ChatGPT falls short compared to Google and how these limitations can affect its performance.

ChatGPT Limitations

Limited Knowledge: ChatGPT has been trained on data limited until 2021. Hence, it is not familiar with the latest events happening worldwide. Whereas Google’s processor gets updated every second. 

Real-Time Data: Google has real-time data telling us live locations near me.

Anonymous Source: ChatGPT doesn’t disclose its data source and keeps it anonymous. In contrast, Google properly cites the sources making the data legit and full-proof.

chatgpt limitations

The AI war has begun. There’s no way Google will sit on its hands. In fact, It has created its own ChatBot named Bard, which is a competitor to ChatGPT. Google has not released it publicly because Ads generate 80% of the revenue for Google, and there’s no way you can place ads inside a ChatBot. No Ads equals No Revenue. Google is smart enough not to put its revenue at stake just to compete with ChatGPT. 

That’s not it, there’s more to it. Google doesn’t want to spoil its reputation because they are still unsure about the data and fear Bot might start producing violent content if it gets fed violent inputs.

Well, the question remains, will ChatGPT replace Google? The answer is NO! Google’s real-time data is its biggest strength.

Not to mention, when two big companies get involved in the technological war, technology overgrows. As these companies work to increase the consciousness of AI, we won’t be surprised if AI gets to decide what’s right and wrong. That’s the skill that makes us unique.

The Competition: Google vs. ChatGPT

Everyone has been using Google to solve their problems for decades. Out of the blue, ChatGPT appeared and cost a significant loss to Google and proved to be a threat to its dominance. 

But does it really deserve the hype?

Let’s test it out by comparing it to Google.

We asked ChatGPT: How to tie a scarf?

ChatGPT VS Google

It gave me a couple of listicles explaining how to tie a scarf which makes sense. It’s a bit trickier to comprehend the process just by reading the listicles. Nevertheless, it delivered what I asked.

Now, It’s time for Google to show its capabilities.

Here goes the same question for Google.


Based on my query, it came up with a detailed Youtube video to help me out.

chatgpt google vs

In addition, it also gave me multiple options to choose from.

chatgpt google vs

Search Results with multiple Images also showed up to solve my query.

Not to mention, Google definitely wins the race regarding visuals. Google does a great job at solving our search query by giving responses based on imagery because most people are visual learners, and imagery helps a lot. 

Whereas, ChatGPT is still in its initial stages and does not give a response in the form of visuals. In the future, we can expect an improved model of ChatGPT, which will be able to produce visuals with a text response.

All in all, ChatGPT is not going to replace Google anytime soon.

What does ChatGPT have to do with Microsoft Bing?

ChatGPT was developed by the company OpenAI, which is an independent artificial intelligence research laboratory. 

While ChatGPT was not developed by Microsoft, it has been used in partnership with Microsoft BING, the company’s search engine.

In 2020, OpenAI announced a partnership with Microsoft that would allow Microsoft to use ChatGPT’s features to improve Bing’s search results.

Specifically, Microsoft integrated ChatGPT into Bing’s “Advanced Technology” group, which improves Bing’s ability to generate more natural and conversational responses to user queries.

For example, Bing might use ChatGPT to generate a spoken response to a voice search query or to suggest relevant follow-up questions based on the user’s initial query.

The partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft exemplifies how different AI technologies can be combined to create more powerful and effective solutions.

By integrating ChatGPT into Bing, Microsoft can leverage the strengths of both technologies to create a better search experience for users.

Why are people worried about ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is more than just another tool for people to play with. It’s a tool that is revolutionizing the way we work and think. Many great founders are leveraging this ChatBot to their advantage. 

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, said: “The Bot understands my commands better than my employees and gives the best solutions.”

Does that mean he won’t need unnecessary employees anymore? 

ChatGPT has sparked concerns about its potential to replace skilled professionals in various industries. Be it Writer, Lawyer, programmer, editor, or IT developer. Everyone thinks their job is in danger because of ChatGPT.

Moreover, many say ChatGPT will become a cheap alternative to many skilled professionals and ultimately replace them.

Even Google is afraid of getting replaced by ChatGPT.

As we’ve seen, ChatGPT is more than just a simple Chatbot. It’s a technology that has the potential to revolutionize the future.

While some people are worried about the possibility of ChatGPT replacing human professionals, others see it as a tool that can enhance our abilities and make certain tasks easier and more efficient.

As ChatGPT continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see how this technology changes our world and shapes the future of AI.

Does a tool that recognizes ChatGPT text exist? - AI content detector

A big YES! ChatGPT is improving day by day, and so do GPT3 detectors.

AI Classifier

chatgpt detector

A big YES! ChatGPT is improving day by day, and so do GPT3 detectors.OpenAI recently developed a trained model named AI Classifier that distinguishes between AI-written and human-written content.

This Model claims to detect text written by AI, but OpenAI has something to say about this classifier.

Like any other AI detector, this classifier is unreliable and has limitations. 

We are going to test it out to see if it works.

First, I asked ChatGPT to generate a story for me.


It gave me a long, beautiful story. We will copy this story and paste it into the classifier to test if it works.

The classifier considers the text to be possibly AI-generated content.

GPT-2 Output Detector

For a second opinion, we will try another AI detector. This detector is also from OpenAI named GPT-2 Output Detector

Well, this worked pretty well. It says the text is 99.87% fake, in other words, AI-generated.

Here a few other AI-Content Detectors that are worth trying.


Originality.AI is a helpful tool for web publishers that can help detect plagiarism and AI-generated content.

It has many cool features. Firstly, it has a team management feature that allows you to manage multiple users and accounts. Additionally, it has an auto-billing feature, which means you don’t have to worry about manually paying for each scan.

Another great feature is Scan history. It keeps track of your scans and who did them.

And here’s some more good news: Originality.AI is affordable too! It only costs $0.01 per 100 words per scan, and the billing is automatic.

So if you’re a web publisher looking to protect your content and ensure it’s original, give Originality.AI a try.

ChatGPT Detector


CheckforAI claims to detect AI-written content with 95% accuracy. It leverages Open AI’s Roberta-base model for GPT detection and a custom model to avoid false readings.

The best part is that it’s completely free to use and analyzes all sorts of files, including text and documents.

It’s like having your own lie detector of text.


Detect GPT (Chrome Extension)

Detect GPT is a handy Chrome Extention that scans web page content to see if it was generated by artificial intelligence (AI). 

When you visit a page. Detect GPT will display a colored icon that tells you whether the content is likely AI-generated or not. 

It’s like having a little detective right in your browser!

But that’s not all. If you’re still not sure about the authenticity of the content, you can also use Detect GPT in a form to paste any piece of text and check it for AI-generated content.

detect gpt image

If you’re contemplating cheating on assignments with ChatGPT, you better be aware of these tools, as they can easily detect AI-generated content.

Is ChatGPT a Good or Bad thing?

ChatGPT was not made to be GOOD or BAD. It’s a tool to help people solve their problems where you ask a question, and it gives you an answer. 

While many people are using ChatGPT to boost their productivity and improve their work, some people have found a way to exploit this technology.

Let’s look into some of the PROS and CONS of ChatGPT.


  • ChatGPT is a highly versatile model that can generate a wide range of text, from short responses to lengthy essays.
  • It can save you hours by generating text much faster than humans can.
  • The generated text sounds very human-like, making it ideal.
  • It can be fine-tuned to generate text that is specific to a particular domain or topic.


  • While ChatGPT is good at generating text, it has a limited understanding of the world and can sometimes generate nonsensical or inappropriate responses.
  • It can be misused for evil purposes, such as generating fake news or propaganda.

According to CyberArt, bad aspects of this technology have started. They created a polymorphic Malware using ChatGPT. Even though the parent company OpenAI has restricted ChatGPT from creating sensitive and violent content. Still, people have found a way to surpass these filters by demanding and insisting. 

Many Redditors have created Jailbreaks prompts that force ChatGPT to do whatever a user asks. 

Here is an Example.

ChatGPT refused to roast me because OpenAI has put restrictions on creating hateful content. But there are several ways to trick ChatGPT.

chatgpt tricks

When I put the Jailbreak prompt, it unleashed the full potential of ChatGPT and started answering everything without filters.

Remember, ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can help us improve our life for the better. However, like any technology, it has its own pros and cons, and it is important to use it responsibly and ethically.

Are there alternatives to ChatGPT worth considering?

ChatGPT is king when it comes to writing essays, outlines, scripts, lines of code, and articles. Despite being good at many things, it lacks here and there and has limitations. 

Firstly, its data is outdated and cut off till 2022. 

Secondly, it gives results in the text format where no visuals are involved. 

Thirdly, it sometimes malfunctions due to an enormous user base and traffic.

That’s when ChatGPT’s alternative comes to the rescue. 

ChatSonic - An Alternative to ChatGPT


Recently, Writesonic developed a ChatGPT alternative called ChatSonic. It addresses all the limitations of ChatGPT, which makes it even better than ChatGPT.

The best feature of this ChatBot is that not only does it generate text but also visuals. 

More cooler thing is that this ChatBOT is trained and powered by “Google Search,” enabling it to talk about current events and trending topics in real-time.

chatgpt alternative chatsonic

Rytr is the ultimate AI writing assistant. This tool can help you generate killer content effortlessly. With over 40 use cases and templates to choose from, you can write in over 30 languages and choose from over 20 tones of voice to give your writing a unique flair.


Rytr is the ultimate AI writing assistant. This tool can help you generate killer content effortlessly. With over 40 use cases and templates to choose from, you can write in over 30 languages and choose from over 20 tones of voice to give your writing a unique flair.


Wait, there’s more! 

Rytr also includes scientific copywriting formulas such as AIDA & PAS to help you create content that’s not just engaging but also effective. 

And with a powerful, rich-text editor and extensive formatting options, you can easily manage your writing workflow and go from raw ideas to a polished piece in no time.

One of the best things about Rytr is that it’s incredibly easy to use. With the browser extension, you can take your writing assistant on the go and seamlessly manage your writing workflow with team account access and billing from one place.

And the best part? You don’t have to break the bank to access this amazing tool.  Rytr offers affordable subscription plans, including the Saver and Unlimited plans, so you can get all the benefits without the heavy price tag.

Never face writer’s block again, give Rytr a try!

Perplexity is a new search interface that uses the power of OpenAI GPT 3.5 and Microsoft Bing to directly answer any question you ask.


This amazing tool saves you hours and effort by providing you with the exact answer you’re looking for without having to click through multiple search results.

All you have to do is ask your question, and the search interface will provide you with a clear, concise answer.

 And to make things even better, the search interface utilizes Microsoft Bing, meaning you can trust that the answers you’re getting are accurate and up-to-date.

Jasper Chat

We all would agree that AI-generated content sounds robotic and impersonal.

Well, we have some exciting news for you! 

With Jasper Chat, you can now have a natural conversation with AI that feels surprisingly human.

Jasper Chat is a friendly AI chatbot that is designed to make interacting with artificial intelligence easy and fun. Whether you need help generating ideas, revising your content, or just want to have a laugh, Jasper Chat is here to help.

Jasper chatgpt alternative

Unlike other AI chatbots that can feel difficult and overwhelming to use, Jasper Chat is super easy to use. Simply ask your chatbot a question, and it will respond with a friendly and human-like tone.

One of the best things about Jasper Chat is that it can help you with a wide variety of tasks. 

Need help brainstorming ideas for your next project? Just ask Jasper Chat for some suggestions. Want to revise your content and make it even better? Jasper Chat can help with that too.

And if you’re just looking for a bit of fun and entertainment, Jasper Chat is always ready to make you laugh. With its natural conversation style and friendly demeanor, Jasper Chat is sure to put a smile on your face.

So if you’re looking for an AI chatbot that feels surprisingly human, give Jasper Chat a try. 

Is ChatGPT smart enough to pass an exam?

CNN Business reported that ChatGPT recently passed law exams in four courses at the University of Minnesota and another at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.q

They further stated, ChatGPT is smart enough to pass prestigious graduate-level exams – though not with particularly high marks.

Professor Scott Galloway discussed the implications of ChatGPT in an interview. He mentioned that ChatGPT is entering the hype too quickly and can be harmful if programmed to create misinformation around sensitive topics. 

He further says it’s tempting for students to write assignments using ChatGPT, but we will find a way to combat this issue as there are softwares to detect AI-generated content. 

He also highlighted that schools aim to make students critical thinkers by giving assignments and homework.

Microsoft’s involvement with ChatGPT?

Microsoft decided to shake hands with OpenAI and integrate ChatGPT with BING, which is Microsoft’s search engine. This integration will pave the way for users to communicate with Bing in a more human-like way, delivering better responses to the query.

Isn’t that sound fascinating? Users won’t have to waste hours clicking on different websites and digging to find what they want.

They can simply type in the query and will get a highly personalized response to the query.

Bing is another threat to Google, who’s already feeling pressure from OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Microsoft claims to provide better answers and solutions. Additionally, they will integrate a text-to-image generator called Dall-E, that lets users create imagery on demand just by typing in a few words.

What is Google Bard and how does it relate to ChatGPT?

Google has been ruling the tech industry as the best search engine for decades. Since the arrival of ChatGPT, which can answer your search query efficiently. Google faced loss after loss, stocks went down, thoughts of getting replaced, and whatnot. But if you think Google will sit on hands, it underestimates Google. Google has developed “BARD,” which is a competitor to ChatGPT. 

Google is on the quest to find a stable way to integrate its language model “BARD” into Google Search in no time. As a result, the search experience will become more improved and efficient, beating ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Tips & Integration

The hype around ChatGPT is real, but few people know how to use it to its full potential. 

ChatGPT can be a great way to get answers to your questions quickly and easily. But to make the most of this powerful tool, you should keep a few things in mind. Here are some tips for using ChatGPT to its fullest:

  1. Ask Clear and Specific Questions: ChatGPT is designed to give you accurate and helpful responses, but it can only do so if you provide clear and specific questions. Avoid vague or overly broad queries, and try to ask your questions in a way that is easy for ChatGPT to understand. For example, instead of asking, “What is the meaning of life?” try asking, “What are some common philosophical views on the meaning of life?”
  2. Use Natural Language: ChatGPT is built on Natural processing language (NLP), meaning it understands and responds to natural language. So, feel free to ask questions in a conversational tone. Use complete sentences and avoid using overly technical terms, as this can make it harder for ChatGPT to understand your queries.
  3. Provide Context: If your question requires some background information or context, be sure to provide it. This can help ChatGPT give you more accurate and relevant responses. For example, if you’re asking a question about a specific medical condition, provide some information about your symptoms, medical history, and any other relevant details.
  4. Be Patient: ChatGPT is a powerful tool, but it’s not perfect. Sometimes it may take a few tries to get the answer you’re looking for, or you may need to rephrase your question in a different way. Be patient and persistent, and don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions if you need more information.
  5. Use ChatGPT for Research and Learning: ChatGPT is a great tool for learning and researching a wide range of topics. Use it to explore new ideas and get inspiration. 

Remember, ChatGPT is just one resource among many, so be sure to use it with other sources to get a well-rounded understanding of any topic.

Speaking of using ChatGPT with other sources, did you know that you can integrate ChatGPT with any of your favourite software? 

You read it right, this is what we’re going to discuss next.

Let’s get things rolling.

ChatGPT’s Integration with Slack:

By integrating ChatGPT with other apps, you can unlock the full potential of these apps and increase their effectiveness. 

For example, by integrating ChatGPT with Slack, you can enjoy a range of benefits that are not available when using these apps separately.

Combining the powerful features of ChatGPT and Slack can lead to improved functionality, making tasks quicker and more efficient. 

You can simply provide a prompt to ChatGPT to write a complete email and instantly send it to your colleagues without wasting hours drafting the perfect message.

Integrating ChatGPT with slack can also provide a competitive advantage for businesses. By providing unique functionality and better user experiences, integrating apps can help companies differentiate themselves from their competitors.

So, by integrating ChatGPT with other apps, you can access new features, save time, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

We’ve broken down the steps HERE where you can learn how to integrate ChatGPT into Slack.

Will ChatGPT help students cheat better?

As the use of ChatGPT becomes more widespread, concerns are emerging about their impact on Academia. 

Teachers worry that students may use these tools to cheat on exams, assignments, and other assessments.

It’s true that ChatGPT can be used to generate high-quality essays, reports, and even entire books in a matter of seconds. 

In fact, these tools can save students time and effort in completing their assignments. Still, they raise ethical questions about students’ creativity and academic work quality.

One of the key concerns is that using ChatGPT to generate content may weaken the learning process. 

If students rely too heavily on these tools, they may miss out on the opportunity to develop critical thinking, research, and writing skills essential for academic success.

Furthermore, academic institutions have strict policies against cheating and plagiarism. Students who are caught using ChatGPT to cheat, could face severe consequences, including failing grades, suspension, or in the worst-case scenario, termination.

While there is no doubt that ChatGPT and other AI-powered tools have the potential to revolutionize the way we learn and work, it is important to use them responsibly and ethically. 

Rather than relying on these tools as a shortcut, students should embrace them as a valuable resource to boost their learning. As a result, they will develop the skills they need to succeed academically and professionally.

What’s the future of ChatGPT?

As we all agree, ChatGPT is transforming the way we perceive things. But what does the future hold for this technology? Here are a few possibilities:

More Advanced Capabilities: As research into natural language processing continues to advance, we can expect ChatGPT to become even more sophisticated in its ability to understand and generate human-like language. This could lead to more seamless interactions between humans and machines and could have a range of practical applications in areas like customer service, healthcare, and education.

Increased Personalization: As ChatGPT becomes better at understanding human language, it could be used to create personalized user experiences. For example, a ChatGPT-powered ChatBot could use natural language processing to understand a user’s needs and preferences and provide tailored recommendations or assistance.

Improved Accuracy and Efficiency: As more data is fed into ChatGPT and its underlying algorithms are refined, the technology can be more accurate and efficient in its language generation. This could make it an even more valuable tool for various applications, from content creation to language translation.

Ethical Considerations: As with any technology, ethical considerations must be addressed as ChatGPT evolves. As technology improves, we must consider privacy, bias, and accountability.

To sum up, the future of ChatGPT is exciting and full of possibilities. As technology continues to improve, we can expect it to play an increasingly important role in our lives, from improving how we communicate with machines to transforming how we work and learn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 . How to Save ChatGPT Conversation?

There are about six different extensions you can use to easily save chatgpt threads. All you have to do is install the extension listed below to save your chatgpt conversation.

What is ChatGPT Playground?

OpenAI Playground or sometimes referred as ChatGPT Playground is a web-based platform for doing interactive and versatile experiments with GPT-3 and other OpenAI models. The model’s size, output type, and other aspects of its behaviour can all be adjusted using the settings and choices it provides.

What is

The primary website of ChatGPT is often mistaken as but infact it is doesn’t really exist.

Who owns ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is owned by a research organization called OpenAI, which was founded by a group of people including Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, John Schulman, and Wojciech Zaremba in 2015. OpenAI’s goal is to create artificial intelligence that is safe and beneficial to humanity. Although OpenAI is governed by a board of directors, it is primarily funded by investors like Microsoft, Reid Hoffman, and Khosla Ventures. So, in short, ChatGPT is owned by OpenAI!


In conclusion, ChatGPT is an innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate human-like responses to various prompts. 

This definitive guide has provided a comprehensive overview of ChatGPT, including its origins, features, limitations, and prospects.

As we have learned, ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI, a research organization founded by a group of prominent entrepreneurs and scientists, with funding from investors such as Microsoft, Reid Hoffman, and Khosla Ventures. 

Users do not need to download anything in order to access ChatGPT; they can access it by creating an OpenAI account.

Also, we have talked about the problems and issues with ChatGPT, such as its potential for cheating and the moral ramifications of its technology. 

Even if these problems have no conclusive answers, it is obvious that ChatGPT marks a tremendous development in artificial intelligence.

In addition to a list of commonly asked questions for additional reference, we have also included some pointers and suggestions for incorporating ChatGPT into your workflow.

Ultimately, we hope that this guide has given you a thorough grasp of ChatGPT and its features and that it will motivate you to investigate the opportunities presented by this cutting-edge technology.

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