18 Best AI Novel Writing Softwares of 2023

best overall ai novel writing software


Sudowrite is an all round ai novel writing app. It is suitable for those who want to explore writing stories with AI for the first time because of its amazing user interface.

rytr ai novel writing software


It is very helpful in generating story plots that can inspire you to write a complete story. 

writesonic logo

Write Sonic

Writesonic is a fast and accurate ai novel writing software.

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Writing a novel is always like creating a masterpiece that is close to our hearts. 

It’s not something to be taken lightly as it has the potential to change people’s lives all over the world. 

But it can be a daunting task.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, the world of literature and writing has undergone a remarkable transformation (AI). 

Authors can now generate new ideas, fine-tune their writing style, overcome their writer’s block and even create entire novels with minimal human intervention thanks to AI novel writing software.

Which one is the best AI novel writing software?

As we step into 2023, there is an intense competition among AI novel writing tools, each offering unique features and capabilities.

So, just like you, we wondered, and found 17 AI Novel writing softwares that can reduce your Novel writing effort by 10X.

This article doesn’t review hundreds of AI writing tools.

Instead, just 17 tools can generate plots and characters, provide feedback on writing styles, and propel you to the next level of your writing journey. 

Whether you are an experienced writer or a novice, these AI writing software programmes will inspire and motivate you to write more effectively.

We’ll take you through the top 17 AI novel writing software of 2023 that are changing the game in the world of literature.

We spent hundreds of hours in all of these Novel AI Softwares to bring you the best of the best reviews. 

Let’s dive right in.

Best Overall: Sudowrite

sudowrite ai novel writing software


AvaMachina's Take

Sudowrite is an all round ai novel writing app. It is suitable for those who want to explore writing stories with AI for the first time because of its amazing user interface. Prices are also cheaper for the tons of features that they offer.

Best ForWriting a Complete Novel
Price$10 per month
PromotionFree 4000 Words upon Sign Up

Sudowrite is your perfect writing companion, always ready to lend a helping hand. With Sudowrite, you’ll never have to worry about judgement or criticism, as it provides a safe and supportive space for your writing journey. 

Whether it’s the dead of night or the crack of dawn, Sudowrite is there to assist you with fresh and innovative ideas that keep your creative juices flowing. 

Sudowrite offers the ultimate writing experience, surpassing all other AI-writing applications. Their advanced algorithms are specifically designed to assist you in writing a masterpiece. 

We experienced a seamless onboarding process, which will set you up and running in no time. Sudowrite’s innovative features are incredibly advantageous, providing you with everything you need to write your best book yet.


Language Matching: With Sudowrite, you can write in any language, and our AI will match your language when offering suggestions, providing you with the best possible recommendations.

Rapid Word Generation: With lightning-fast algorithms, you can generate 1000 words in mere seconds, allowing you to focus on your writing instead of getting stuck on word choice.

Write Assistance: Are you struggling to find the right words? No worries – Sudowrite’s Write Feature can assist you by generating text for you.

Describe Assistance: Sometimes, writing can feel one-dimensional if you focus only on action and dialogue. But with Sudowrite’s Describe Feature, you can bring your characters to life and make your readers feel like they’re right there in the story with them.

Expand: Magically fills in the blanks in your scenes, keeping readers engaged in the narrative despite the pacing.

Rewrite: If you are not impressed with the output, then you can rewrite it as much as you want. 

Feedback: Improve in three specific areas as a result of feedback.

Canvas: will help you think of creative story ideas, hidden character information, and unexpected turns of events.


sudowrite pricing

Yearly Billing

  • Hobby & Student Package: $10 per month – 30000 Words 
  • Professional Package: $20 per month – 90000 Words 
  • Max Package: $100 per month – 300,000 Words 

,Monthly Billing

  • Hobby & Student Package: $19 per month – 30000 Words 
  • Professional Package: $29 per month – 90000 Words 
  • Max Package: $129 per month – 300,000 Words

Example of Generated Novel By Sudowrite

Here’s an example of stories we created using Sudowrite to give you an overview on what kind of output you can expect from this ai novel writing software. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an ai novel writing software that does it all for you then Sudowrite is the right choice. 

It’s easy to see why writers everywhere are making Sudowrite their go-to app with its free trial that requires no credit card details. Sudowrite is the easiest to use writing app because of its sophisticated algorithms and clean design.

You’ll be amazed at what you can produce with the help of cutting-edge features that encourage detailed and reliable writing. Sudowrite can be useful whether you’re experiencing writer’s block or want to improve your writing.

You can design the ideal writing environment for you using customization features that let you cater your writing to your particular style and preferences. SudoWrite gives you complete control over your writing experience.

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Table of Contents

Our top picks



AvaMachina's Take

 Rytr has been a game changer for us in many ways. It is very helpful in generating story plots that can inspire you to write a complete story. 

Best ForStory Plot Ideation
Price$9 Per Month
Promotion10000 Free Credits Upon Signing Up

Rytr is a writing assistant with AI technology that enables users to produce high-quality content quickly and affordably. Rytr is an excellent tool for creating marketing content, product descriptions, and even entire articles because of its cutting-edge technology’s ability to analyse the context and intent of the writing.Our favourite use case in Rytr is its “Story Plot” Template. Rytr generates a realistic story plot which you can use to expand and write an entire story. 



  • Diverse Tone & Styles: Craft content in a variety of tones and styles. To make sure the content satisfies your particular requirements, the platform also has a tone checker, character counter, and word counter.
  • Plagiarism Checks: Rytr includes a plagiarism checker that ensures your work is original and not copied from other sources. 
  • Grammar Check: Rytr’s grammar check feature helps you improve the quality of your writing, making it professional-level and error-free.
  • Idea Generation: You can generate content from various templates to see which works best for your idea using Rytr’s enormous library of over 2,000 ideas.
  • Form Generator: Rytr allows you to personalise your content with a professional touch using its Form Generator.


  • Forever Free Plan
  • Saver Plan: $9 Per Month – 100K Character 
  • Unlimited Plan: $29 Per Month – Unlimited Character 

Example of Generated Novel By Rytr

To give you an idea of the kind of results you might anticipate from this AI novel writing software, below is an example of a story we wrote using Rytr.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable ai novel writing software then Rytr is the best choice for you. 

As someone who has personally used Rytr, we can confidently say that it’s an excellent AI writing assistant that’s both affordable and user-friendly.

We particularly love its ability to generate great story plots, which has been a huge help in our own writing projects. 

Apart from that, we also love that Rytr offers an unlimited plan, so we never have to worry about hitting any usage limits. 

Write Sonic

Best for Plagiarism Free Content


AvaMachina's Take

 Writesonic is a fast and accurate ai novel writing software. It can generate compelling stories in seconds and the quality of the content is similar to Sudowrite. 

Best ForWriting Plagiarism free content
Price$12.67 Per Month
Promotion10000 Credits Upon Sign Up

Writesonic is a one of a kind software that has changed the way writers approach content writing. 

Using Writesonic’s AI Writer and Sonic Editor tools, you can create original content quickly and easily without the risk of plagiarism. 

The AI Writer tool is designed to assist writers in generating high-quality, long-form content that reads like it was written by a human, thanks to its natural language processing algorithms. 

It also has an understanding of industry-specific terms, eliminating the need for you to repeatedly explain concepts or use complicated language that could confuse readers. The resulting articles are optimized for search engines like Google and Bing.


    • Blog Idea Generation: One of the best features of Writesonic that we came across. WriteSonic’s advanced AI algorithms can quickly generate blog ideas for your next article or SEO-optimized content, saving you time and effort.
    • WriteSonic’s user-friendly editor makes it simple to produce high-quality content quickly and effectively. By streamlining the writing process, its AI-powered tools free you up to concentrate on the content.
    • Blog Outlines: WriteSonic’s blog outlines feature allows you to create an article structure quickly, which can help you stay organized and on track when writing longer pieces.
    • WriteSonic provides a number of tools, such as a paraphrasing tool and a text shortener, to assist you optimise your material and cut down on its length. When working on longer articles or attempting to raise the general calibre of your content, these tools can be very useful.


    • Free Trial: $0 -10000 Words
    • Long Form Plan: $12.67(Yearly Billing), $19(Monthly Billing) – 60K Words
    • Custom Plan: Contact Sales team for custom plan

Example of Generated Novel By Writesonic

Here’s an example of a story we wrote with Writesonic to show you what kind of results you may expect from this ai novel writing software.

Bottom Line

Writesonic is an innovative software that makes it easier for writers to create content for various purposes. It offers AI Writer and Sonic Editor tools that generate plagiarism-free content quickly, optimized for search engines. 

The AI Writer tool generates high-quality long-form content that reads like it was written by a human, and it understands industry jargon, simplifying writing. 

While the stories tool is a great writing assistant for authors to write novels and to get inspired by the compelling story generated by writesonic. 

\Writesonic offers neatly organised templates and structured writing, making it easy to create content with minimal effort. 

Creaitor AI

Best For Idea Generation

Creaitor AI

AvaMachina's Take

 Creaitor AI is best for novel Ideation. If you have story ideas already but would like to expand and see where the story goes then this ai novel writing software will do the trick.

Best ForIdeation & Improvement
Price$9 Per Month
Promotion3 Days Free Trial with 50000 Free Credits

Creaitor is an AI writing assistant great for Ideation, Creation and Improvement of content.

It is a writing tool that can aid in producing content that is more compelling and emotionally evocative. It has the capability to assist in crafting language that is powerful and impactful, allowing the writer to effectively communicate their intended message to their audience.

Creaitor’s Creative Story feature is an amazing template that generates compelling stories with just a few inputs.

How to use Creaitor?


    1. Select the AI Assistant that suits your needs best from the available options, which come pre-programmed.
    2. Input the name of your product/service and a brief description (1-2 sentences) of what it entails.
    3. Sit back and let the AI take over the creative process, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the results it produces.


  • Creative Story Template: User-friendly tool that can assist in crafting an impressive and imaginative narrative by providing plot suggestions and enhancing the overall storyline. It has the potential to elevate the story’s level of excitement and interest.
  • Creativity: Choose the level of creativity you wish to impose on the output from optimal to max.
  • Various tone of voice: Select which tone you will require from the AI
  • Output: Specify the number of outputs you would like the AI to generate. This can help you evaluate and compare multiple options before selecting the most suitable one for your needs.


  • Basic Plan: $99 Per Year – 100,000 Characters
  • Standard Plan: $299 Per Year – 300,000 Characters
  • Professional Plan: $599 Per Year – Unlimited Characters
  • Custom Plan: Contact Sales Team

Example of Creative Story generated by Creaitor AI

Here is an example of a story written by Creaitor AI to illustrate the type of output you can anticipate from this artificial intelligence book writing software.

Bottom Line

Creaitor is a top-notch AI writing assistant that can assist users with content creation, ideation, and enhancement. Users are able to create engrossing narratives and language that may effectively convey their intended message thanks to its different features, including the Creative Story template, creativity level control, and tone of voice settings. 

Besides, Creaitor offers a hassle-free writing experience that can save time spent writing and increase productivity by producing high-quality outputs with little input needed.

Copy AI

Best for Creating Tailored Content

Copy AI

AvaMachina's Take

 Copy AI is suitable for those who have an idea but wish to grow it using an AI writing assistant.

Best ForCreating Targeted Content
Price$36 per month
PromotionFree trial for 7 Days with 2000 Words

Copy AI can compose written pieces for various purposes, whether it’s blog posts, social media content, or advertisements, and can be challenging when it comes to finding inspiration and producing material quickly. 

However, Copy.ai offers a solution to this problem by simplifying the content creation process. With Copy.ai, all you need to do is provide a brief description of the copy you require, and the tool will take care of the rest, delivering a remarkable output in no time. 

Apart from generating content swiftly, Copy.ai also enables users to customize their output by including relevant keywords, tags, and categories. This functionality permits users to refine their content to cater to their target audience or niche market.


  • Target Audience Resonance: Copy AI helps generate blog content that resonates with your target audience. By using its language crafting capabilities, it can produce content that is powerful and impactful in delivering your intended message to your readers.
  • Variety of Tools and Templates: With over 90 different tools and templates, Copy AI provides you with an extensive range of options to choose from. Whether it’s a blog post, social media content, or ad copy, there is a template available for every type of content.
  • Quick and High-Quality Content Creation: Copy AI allows you to create high-quality content quickly. Its AI-powered writing assistant can help streamline your content creation process, saving you time and effort.
  • Short Story Mode: Copy AI’s Short Story mode is a user-friendly tool that generates impressive and imaginative narratives. With just a few inputs, it provides plot suggestions and enhances the overall storyline, elevating the story’s level of excitement and interest.


  • Free Plan: $0 – 2000 Words
  • Pro Plan: $36 per month – Unlimited Words
  • Enterprise Plan – Request a Demo from Copy AI Team

Example of Short Story: Novel Like Story generated by Copy AI

Here's an example of Copy AI’s output.

Bottom Line

With the help of Copy.ai, users may create customised material fast and effortlessly. It provides a solution to the problem of coming up with ideas and creating content for blog entries, social media postings, or adverts by providing a wide range of tools and templates. 

The tool’s language crafting features may create compelling material that has an impact on and resonates with your target audience. 

Copy.ai is a great investment for anyone looking to automate their content creation process because it offers a free trial that lasts for seven days and a pricing plan that fits varied needs.

Best for Rewriting

Word AI

AvaMachina's Take

 Word AI stands out among its competitors in generating lightning fast and human-like content in seconds. Use this tool to rewrite your novel to change the sentences and dialogues that you are not satisfied with.

Best ForRewriting Content
Price$9 Per Month
PromotionFree 3 Day Trial with any plan

Word AI is an AI-powered writing assistant that provides high-quality rewriting using advanced machine learning models. Its rewriting capabilities are so advanced that it produces content that is indistinguishable from human-written content.

What sets Word AI apart from other rewriting tools is that it understands the meaning of each sentence and rewrites it from scratch while optimizing for uniqueness and readability. This means that the rewritten content is not just a mere paraphrase but a completely new piece of content that maintains the original meaning.

Word AI is an extremely fast and intuitive tool that allows users to rewrite an entire piece of content in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is enter your content, click rewrite, and Word AI takes care of the rest. Its ease of use and speed make it an ideal tool for content creators who want to produce high-quality, unique content quickly.


  • No Duplicate Content: Word AI uses advanced machine learning models to ensure that rewritten content is completely unique and not plagiarized. This is important for ensuring that your content is not penalized by search engines or flagged for copyright violations.
  • Fast Turnaround Time: With Word AI, you can rewrite an entire article in seconds. This means you can save time on content creation and focus on other aspects of your business or website. Plus, the fast turnaround time means you can quickly make changes to your content if necessary.
  • Creative Control: Word AI gives you the option to control how creative the output is. This means you can choose to have the AI stick closely to the original content or be more creative and generate entirely new ideas.


  • Starter Plan: $9 Per Month – Rewrite 50000 Words
  • Power Plan: $27 Per Month – Rewrite 3 Million Words per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Word AI Sales Team

Example of original & Rewritten Text from WordAI


Sample text that has been rewritten by WordAI.

Bottom Line

Word AI is a highly advanced and user-friendly rewriting tool that offers a range of features that set it apart from its competitors. Its unique ability to generate completely new and human-like content in seconds makes it an ideal choice for those looking to rewrite content quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, Word AI’s ability to ensure that rewritten content is completely unique and not plagiarized is essential for those looking to maintain the integrity of their content. With its various plans and affordable pricing, Word AI is definitely worth a try for anyone looking to enhance their content rewriting process.

Best for Integrating AI Tools


AvaMachina's Take

: Sassbook is a great tool for writing a novel because it has several features that might help you draw in readers, such coming up with new title ideas

Best ForCombining AI Tools
Price$32.5 Per Month
PromotionForever Free Plan with less word generation

Sassbook is a writing programme with many features that make it easier to write novels. It has tools to make writing a novel simpler, such as an AI-assisted editor, summarizer, headline generator, and more.

Sassbook’s AI story writer tool helps with concept generation, character development, and plot points, among other things. It is especially helpful for individuals who lack the time and energy to create a novel entirely on their own because this function helps automate a substantial portion of the writing process.

Also, among other things, its editor with AI assistance may create content briefs for you. Basically, Sassbook has everything you require to produce a superb novel.


  1. Sassbook AI Writer can generate unique text content rapidly and automatically. This tool makes content creation faster and easier for busy individuals who want to focus on other tasks.
  2. With its rapid automatic text AI content generation, Sassbook automates most of the content creation process. 
  3. Sassbook’s AI-driven story writer can assist users in developing ideas, character development, and plot points for quality AI story generation. This feature is helpful for those who want to write a story but need some guidance in the creative process.
  4. The automatic headline generator in Sassbook can create attention-grabbing and relevant headlines for users’ content. 
  5. Sassbook’s automatic text summarizer is comparable to what a human could do. It can summarize content automatically, allowing users to get the gist of the material without reading through the entire text. 


  • Free Plan: $0 Per Month- 50 Words Per Generation
  • Standard Plan: $32.5 Per Month – 70 Words Per Generation
  • Premium Plan: $49.16 Per Month – 100 Words Per Generation

Example of Story Generated by Saasbook

We used Saasbook to generate AI stories. Here’s the results:

Bottom Line

For those who wish to write a novel without investing a lot of time and effort in the process, Sassbook is a fantastic writing tool. Writing is facilitated and accelerated by the program’s many capabilities, which include an editor, summarizer, headline generator, and story writer helped by AI. Users can choose from a variety of options in Sassbook’s price plans to suit their needs and budget. Overall, Sassbook is a great option for anybody wishing to use AI technology to better their content creation process and writing skills.


Best for Checking Grammars


AvaMachina's Take

 Grammarly is a comprehensive writing tool that offers a wide range of features and functionalities designed to help writers produce high-quality writing.

Best ForChecking Grammars, Spellings & Punctuations
Price$12 Per Month
PromotionForever Free Plan

Grammarly is an advanced writing tool that assists users in honing their writing abilities by fixing common grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes. The platform uses sophisticated algorithms to analyse text and offer recommendations for enhancements, making it a crucial tool for anyone who wants to create excellent written material. Grammarly is available to a wide spectrum of users because of its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, from professionals and corporations to students and authors.

One of the most impressive features of Grammarly is its ability to provide real-time suggestions and corrections as users type. This allows users to catch errors as they occur, improving the overall quality of their writing and reducing the need for editing later on. Additionally, the platform offers detailed explanations for each suggestion, helping users learn from their mistakes and improve their writing skills over time


  • Correctness: By identifying and fixing spelling, grammatical, and punctuation issues, Grammarly helps make your writing more accurate.
  • Clarity:Grammarly helps to make your writing more clear and concise by detecting wordiness, repetition, and other issues that can make your writing difficult to understand
  • Engagement: Identify passive voice, overused words, and other problems that might make your writing boring and uninteresting with Grammarly.
  • Delivery: Helps in creating a positive impressions on your reader
  • Style Guide:Grammarly offers a customizable style guide that helps you maintain consistency and adherence to your organisation’s writing guidelines.



  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan: $12 Per Month
  • Business Plan: $15 Per Month

Example of Use Cases of Grammarly

Sample of suggestions from Grammarly to improve your writings.

Bottom Line

Grammarly is a great tool that can help you develop your writing abilities, increase your productivity, and generate polished, error-free work, whether you are a professional writer or a student.

Overall, for anyone looking to advance their writing abilities, Grammarly is the best writing assistant. Grammarly can assist you in producing professional, error-free writing that engages and resonates with your audience thanks to its potent algorithms, user-friendly interface, and detailed feedback.



AvaMachina's Take

 While Shakespeare.ai is not exclusively designed for generating stories or novels using AI, it shares similarities with other AI writing tools in that it can assist with overcoming writer’s block and creating content based on user prompts. 

Best ForCreative Automation
Price$42 Per Month
Promotion5 Days Free Trial

Shakespeare works diligently on your campaigns every hour of every day, seven days a week, as your AI marketing guru. It is an artificial intelligence that is more advanced than human intelligence.

It is an AI writing assistant that can also aid you in writing your novel as the name suggests, its Shakespeare after all.


  • Audience Targeting: Shakespeare App makes it possible for you to more precisely target your audience than ever.
  • Creative Automation: You may easily automate your creative process using Shakespeare App.
  • Real-Time Impact: Provides real-time insights on the effectiveness of your campaign, allowing you to quickly make informed decisions.
  • AI Model Calibration:Shakespeare App’s AI models are updated often to make sure they continue to be precise and useful.
  • Performance Optimization: Offers constant campaign performance optimization.


  • Free Plan
  • Standard Plan: $42 Per Month – 45K Words
  • Pro Plan: $50 Per Month – 60K Words

Bottom Line

Shakespeare.ai is a flexible tool that can be applied to a variety of writing tasks, including building characters and plot ideas as well as constructing outlines. This software can assist authors of all skill levels in honing their craft and achieving their writing objectives by providing useful guidance and support.

Article Forge

Article forge

AvaMachina's Take

 Article forge is suitable for writers and editors in generating full-fledged articles that are optimized for SEO. This would be very helpful in overcoming writers’ block and inspire ideas. The articles generated can also be treated as drafts for writers and editors to build on.

Best ForSEO Optimised Article Generation
Price$27 per month
Promotion5 Days Free Trials with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Article Forge is an innovative AI writing app that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning to create high-quality, long-form articles with a single click. The software is made to assist authors in producing entirely original, SEO-optimized content that can raise their brand’s or company’s online credibility and visibility.


  • Richer Content: Article Forge not only generates written content but it also adds in relevant media such as images, videos, titles and links. It also optimizes the content for search engine relevance and visibility with LSI keyword innovations.
  • True SEO Automation: Article Forge can automate most SEO tasks such as scheduling and posting articles to your website on WordPress.
  • Foreign Languages: Article Forge can write in seven different languages namely English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Bottom Line

Article Forge is almost like an automated-personal ai novel writing software in that it can generate articles, optimize, schedule and publish them for you. In one software, you would be able to get a number of tasks done. It also wants you to be ahead of your competition by generating content in multiple languages


AvaMachina's Take

 NovelAI generates stories of many different genres and is a good writing tool for novels and stories. The ability to choose the theme and style of writing is a nice touch and further personalized the content generated.

Best ForGenerating Storylines and Plots
Price$10 per month
Promotion50 free text generations with another 50 refilled upon account creation

NovelAI is a monthly subscription-based AI writing app that provides users with a range of features including AI-assisted authorship, storytelling, virtual companionship, and a canvas for unleashing their imagination. NovelAI’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms generate writing that is human-like and tailored to the user’s input, empowering writers of all skill levels to produce quality literature. The app’s Natural Language Processing playground, which uses NovelAI’s own AI models trained on real literature, provides users with unparalleled levels of freedom to explore their creativity without limitations. The app’s AI adapts to the user’s style and perspective, enabling a seamless and personalized writing experience.


  • Customize the Editor: Edits fonts, color, and size to your preference within the AI tool.
  • Secure your Writing: Every story written is stored on XSalsa20, an encrypted server so only the author can read it
  • AI Modules: Pick the theme and writing style of the generated prompt


  • Free trial – 100 free text generation, 2048 memory tokens
  • Tablet: $10 per month – Unlimited text generations, 1024 memory tokens, 1000 Anlas, AI text-to-speech, image generation
  • Scroll: Tablet: $15 per month – Unlimited text generations, 2048 memory tokens, 1000 Anlas, AI text-to-speech, image generation
  • Opus: Tablet: $25 per month – Unlimited text generations, 2048 memory tokens, 10 000 Anlas, Access to experimental features, AI text-to-speech, image generation

Bottom Line

NovelAI is a very good story and plot generator. It can come up with storylines based on the prompts entered and write according to the theme and art style that you have set it to. The tool is easy to use as stories are generated within the click of a button with the ability to redo them if necessary.

Author’s AI

AvaMachina's Take

 Author’s AI provides a unique service using AI that not many tools out there offer. It reads your novel and critiques it, giving you a written report with data on how you can improve your writing and stories.

Best ForNovel Review
Price$29.95 per month
Promotion1 Free 14-page PDF report of your novel

Authors.ai is a free AI writing app that provides a comprehensive book analysis for your manuscript. With this app, users can upload their work and receive detailed feedback on the ratio of dialogue vs. narrative, sentence structure, writing style, and formatting, which is then compared to bestsellers in the same genre. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence technology, Authors.ai offers a powerful tool for authors to improve their writing and increase their chances of success in the highly competitive world of book publishing.


  • The app provides subject and pacing analysis to ensure that the user’s writing is accurate and the pacing of their novel makes sense.
  • The app offers a readability score to help users ensure that their novel is easy to read and appealing to their target audience.
  • The app’s cliche finder feature is a helpful tool for users looking to express their sentiments in a more original way, avoiding overused phrases and cliches.


  • Marlowe Basic: Free
  • Marlowe Pro: $199 billed annually or $29.95 billed monthly
  • Single Report: $45 per analysis

Bottom Line

This tool would be really helpful in providing data driven feedback of your novel and stories. This can immensely help increase the quality of your writing.

AI Writer

AvaMachina's Take

 AI Writer is capable of providing quality drafts to further build ideas on and provides citations to verify that the information given is accurate. It’s also very helpful that it can directly publish stories to your WordPress.

Best ForSEO Optimised Article Generation
Price$29 per month
Promotion5 Days Free Trials

AI Writer is an innovative content creation tool that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology to generate optimized content, web copy, and outlines. This app provides a solution for site owners and bloggers to create targeted content that meets the needs of their audience. Users can simply input their article title into the platform, and AI Writer will generate a fully-researched and optimized article that is ready for publication.


  • Two-Minute Content Creation: This tool can research and write full article drafts within two minutes given just a headline.
  • Citation List: As the tool makes its own research, it will include the citations as a source list.
  • Text Rewording: If you wish to revamp your written piece, AI Writer can help give it some life.
  • SEO Text Editor: AI Writer writes content that is optimized for SEO.
  • Subtopic Discoverer: The tool suggests a few subtopics based on the current written piece to give you an idea of what to write next.


  • Basic Plan: $29 per month
  • Standard Plan: $59 per month
  • Power Plan: $375 per month

Bottom Line

AI Writer automatically generates copy and content for your website. It will write content that is optimized to drive organic traffic to your website.

Shortly AI

AvaMachina's Take

 Shortly.ai makes it simple and quick to convert thoughts from your head to written form. It is a flexible programme that may help with a variety of writing activities, including creating blog articles and best-selling novels. The programme helps you organize your thoughts and offers cutting-edge brainstorming tools. It also gives you the option to edit text by using commands to condense, lengthen, or rewrite it. 

Best ForIdea Generation
Price $65 per month billed annually
PromotionFirst two months free with the Annual Plan

Shortly.ai is an AI-powered writing app that offers a broad range of writing solutions, from composing best-selling novels to crafting compelling blog posts. The app features innovative brainstorming features and helps users stay organized, providing commands to shorten, expand, and rewrite text. Its streamlined approach is ideal for writers who need to capture their ideas quickly and efficiently, without getting lost in the details. With its user-friendly interface, Shortly.ai provides a valuable tool for writers looking to improve their writing process and produce high-quality content.


  • With Shortly.ai, you can swiftly write down your ideas.
  • You may effortlessly and rapidly translate your ideas into text with the aid of their AI writing tool.
  • Use strong commands to rewrite, extend, and shorten any text.

Bottom Line

It is yet another tool to help writers alike overcome writer’s block to be more creative and inspired to write. The free plan gives enough time for users to explore the tool with no strings attached.


AvaMachina's Take

 On Windows and Mac, ProWritingAid editing software is accessible through online browsers. Additionally, it supports Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Scrivener. Although anyone can use this tool to edit and check their content’s grammar, fiction authors should especially consider using it.

Best ForWriting Fiction
Price$30 billed monthly
PromotionFree version lets you write with 500 word count limit and 10 rephrase a day

ProWritingAid is a premium AI-powered writing app that offers a range of editing tools designed for bloggers, novelists, and business writers. The software enables users to optimize their writing, eliminate errors, and edit grammar and punctuation quickly and easily. With its extensive range of features, ProWritingAid is suitable for checking various forms of content, including blog posts, articles, books, editor’s notes, and much more. 


  • Spelling and Readability Improvements: ProWritingAid gives feedback and checks for spelling errors in real time as you write.
  • Editing Tool: This feature is able to call out repetitiveness, vague wording and over-complicated sentence structures among many more.
  • Style Suggestions: ProWritingAid is able to give suggestions on writing styles to add more clarity to your writing.
  • Multimedia Sources: ProWritingAid provides in-app videos, quizzes and explanations to help you better your writing skill.
  • Thesaurus: The Word Explorer and thesaurus can help you find the perfect words to complete your sentences.
  • Integration and Browser Extensions: This AI can integrate with MS Word, Outlook, Google Docs, Scrivener, Open Office and Final Draft. Browser extensions are available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

Bottom Line

ProWritingAid has so many features built into it. The fact that it can integrate with most of the popular writing softwares out there is yet another plus point

AI Dungeon

AvaMachina's Take

AI Dungeon is a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired game where the AI crafts stories and scenarios based on user input. It offers customizable characters, worlds, and stories, with a subscription model ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 per month, providing a distinctive and engaging story-writing experience.

Best ForStory Generation through Gameplay
Price$29.99 per month
PromotionPlay Online for Free

AI Dungeon is essentially like playing Dungeons and Dragons with an AI. The AI will generate a story and scenarios. Based on that, it would ask you, “What do you do?” Then you put in your action as a prompt in the chat box. The AI would then continue to expand on the story based on your input.


  • Define Your World: You can choose the characters, world, story and events that you would want to occur in your story.
  • Gameplay: Create your story by playing with the AI Dungeons and Dragons style.


  • Legend: $29.99 per month
  • Hero: $14.99 per month
  • Adventurer: $9.99 per month

Bottom Line

This is a very unique approach in story writing. The kind that not many tools use. So it is definitely worth giving a shot and playing with the AI to create stories unique to you.



AvaMachina's Take

Jasper.ai is an AI-powered writing tool ideal for blog posts and copy creation, offering features like a long-form editor, plagiarism detector, and SEO Surfer integration. With user-friendly templates, it helps streamline the writing process, transforming ideas into polished content.

Best ForWriting Long Form Content, Creating Copy
Price$49 per month
PromotionTry for free, Save 17% with annual plans

Although the quality of the content may not always be high, Jasper.ai is an effective tool for overcoming writer’s block and generating ideas quickly. With its intuitive interface and innovative features, Jasper.ai is a valuable tool for writers looking to improve their productivity and streamline their writing process.


  • With the aid of a long-form document editor, you can create comprehensive documents.
  • With the help of the plagiarism detector, you may write without fear of plagiarism accusations.
  • integrates with SEO Surfer, a programme for researching keywords and optimising your content for search engines.
  • This AI writer almost writes your articles for you when given enough criteria.
  • Being able to access a Facebook community that provides assistance, employment possibilities, and more.
  • Offers support for a variety of languages.

Bottom Line

A user-friendly writing app with AI technology is called Jasper.ai. The software has user-friendly templates and a writing process that assist users in turning their concepts into finished works. Users can give Jasper an overview of their writing, and the programme will produce articles using that data. 


AvaMachina's Take

ChatGPT is a free AI tool that generates ideas, outlines, and research assistance for writers, while also offering editing, proofreading, and writing prompts. It can be a valuable resource for overcoming writer’s block and improving writing skills.

Best ForWriting, Ideation & Research
PromotionFree to use

ChatGPT is able to generate ideas, organize them into structured outlines, and assist with research. It can help writers bring their ideas to life. Additionally, it can offer editing and proofreading services, provide writing prompts and exercises, and offer examples of successful novels and writing techniques to help writers hone their craft.


  • After looking up the solution online, type in a query or a prompt to receive an answer from Chat GPT.
  • Intelligent comments and responses that are relevant to the context of discussion.
  • To come up with ideas or choose a topic to talk about, use Chat GPT.


  • Free plan: Available when demand is low
  • ChatGPT Plus: $20 per month

Bottom Line

ChatGPT can be a useful resource for authors wishing to write a novel. It can assist authors in getting through writer’s block by providing ideas and scenarios for them to write about.


What is AI novel writing software?

AI novel writing software is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to assist in the process of writing novels. This type of software can help writers with various aspects of the writing process, such as generating ideas, creating outlines, and even writing sections of the novel itself.

Some AI novel writing software uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze existing novels and generate new ones based on the patterns and structures found in the source material. Other software may use algorithms to generate plot ideas, character names, and other creative elements that can inspire writers and help them overcome writer’s block.

It is important to note that while AI novel writing software can be helpful in generating ideas and providing inspiration, it is not a replacement for the creative talents and skills of human writers. Ultimately, the quality of a novel will depend on the writer’s ability to craft compelling characters, develop engaging plots, and create vivid and immersive settings.

Can AI Write a Novel & Stories?

Yes, AI can write novels and stories. AI-generated writing has come a long way in recent years, and there are now several AI writing software programs available that can create coherent and readable stories.

However, it’s important to note that while AI-generated writing can be impressive, it is not yet at the level of human creativity and artistry. AI algorithms are trained on existing data and can only produce output based on what they have been trained on. They lack the ability to think creatively, make subjective decisions, and infuse their work with emotion and nuance.

Moreover, AI-generated writing may not fully capture the human experience or resonate with readers in the same way that human-written stories can. Despite these limitations, AI-generated writing can still be useful for generating ideas, assisting writers in overcoming writer’s block, and even creating certain types of content such as news reports and weather forecasts.

Is there any plagiarism in the AI Generated Text and how to check?

AI-generated writing carries a risk of plagiarism, particularly if the AI has been educated on already published material and is not properly programmed to refrain from duplicating or paraphrasing it.

One way to check for plagiarism in AI-generated text is to use plagiarism detection software such as Turnitin, PlagScan, or Grammarly. These software tools can compare the text against a vast database of existing content to identify any potential matches or similarities.

Another way to check for plagiarism is to manually review the text and compare it against the source material. This can be a time-consuming process, but it can be helpful in identifying any potential instances of plagiarism or copyright infringement.

It is important to note that while AI-generated text can be useful in generating ideas and providing inspiration, it is important to properly attribute any sources that have been used in the creation of the text to avoid plagiarism and maintain ethical writing practices.

How does an AI book and novel writing software work?

Machine learning algorithms are commonly used by AI book and novel writing software to analyse huge amounts of existing text, including books, articles, and other written content. Following the patterns and structures detected in the source material, the software uses this information to generate new content.

Depending on the software, many algorithms may be employed, however deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) are frequently used. While deep learning algorithms employ neural networks to mimic the functioning of the human brain and learn from massive amounts of data, natural language processing (NLP) algorithms are used to analyse and comprehend the content of text.

The AI can be used to create new content, such as plot outlines, character descriptions, or even complete chapters of a novel, after it has been trained on a huge dataset of text. Some AI writing tools can even produce many draughts of the same piece of text, letting authors select the one that best suits their needs.

How do we test AI writing softwares and rank them?

We experimented with several AI novel writing software tools and wanted to share our findings with you. We joined up before we started evaluating the software, and we used each programme for hours to acquire a feel for its usability and capabilities. 

We were able to become familiar with the various features that each application offered, which enabled us to more thoroughly test their capabilities.

As we explored each program, we found myself really digging into the different features they had available.It was entertaining to test out various scenarios and observe how the software handled them, from character creation to story development. Furthermore, we must admit that we were pleasantly surprised by how fast and easily the programmes produced fresh stories.

The calibre of the stories themselves was one of the things that truly caught our attention. Unexpected plot twists and remarkable writing quality were also present in some of the created pieces. The software’s ability to accurately imitate a human writer and produce intriguing, novel-like material astounded me.

In a number of instances, we found that the algorithms generated stories that were extraordinarily well-developed and even featured unexpected narrative twists.

While we continued testing, we documented the narratives produced by each software and offered instances of their quality in our article. We sought to present our readers with a comprehensive understanding of the software’s capabilities and demonstrate how effectively the programmes generated original content.

Overall, my experience with AI novel writing software was both enjoyable and informative. It was fascinating to see how technology is changing the way we approach writing and storytelling. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll all be using these programs to churn out best-selling novels!

How To Choose the Best AI Novel Writing Software For You? Features of a Great AI Novel Writing Software

Novel writing is a unique way of expression through words. There are several features that make an AI novel writing tool a significant one. 

First off, the tool must complement your writing workflow. That means, it should have basic functionalities such as readability testing, setting target word counts and a few more of that nature.

Then, the content that is generated within the tool should be shareable. There are many reasons why one would want to share their work but most importantly, it is for feedback. Therefore, making it easy to share content from the AI tools would be great.

Plagiarism and grammar checkers are another feature that should be available on default on the AI novel writing tools. These are very necessary when writing novels as plagiarism and grammar errors can make or break a story.

Integration with other tools. As good as an AI novel writing tool can be on its own, it can always be better with integration. Especially integration with other basic writing tools such as MS Word, Google Docs and other alike. 

How to Write a Novel Using AI-Powered Novel Writing Software

It starts with choosing the right software. In this post, we have listed down 18 different AI novel writing softwares. From this list, you can see that each software either has something unique to offer or has a unique approach to offering the same thing. Therefore, pick a software that satisfies your needs and that works for you first.

Then, set up the software, explore the many different options that may be offered in the AI tools. Familiarize yourself with the tool and learn how to get the best results out of them. Use it to generate new ideas and create written pieces that are to your liking. Try out different prompts and tweek the results as you wish.

Once you have gotten the results that are to your liking, be sure to proofread them and definitely run through each and every sentence to identify any grammar mistakes or spelling errors. Aside from that, be sure to edit the storyline or plot as you deem fit. 

Why Use AI Writing Software?

For decades now, humans have not only been writing articles but have been producing written content consistently. So why all of a sudden use AI writing software to help you do the thing you’ve been doing for so long before this?

First off, as humans, it is common to suffer from writer’s block. It is an undeniable fact. Therefore, AI writing software can step in and feed us ideas at times that we are uninspired and lost for ideas.

Next up is the fact that AI writing softwares can help us save a ton of time. The tools available now, not only generate ideas, they can also generate full-fledged articles and softwares. From there, all we would have to do is just edit and make tiny changes to add our touch to it. That surely sounds so much better than having to think and write every single word from scratch.

Let’s also not deny the fact that AI can help with accuracy. Unlike humans, AI’s are trained on datasets and facts. Therefore, with quality prompt inputs from us, they can surely churn out written content that has better grammar and vocabulary, they are not prone to human error.

AI writing softwares also helps with increasing productivity. They come with a lot of features like plagiarism checkers, ability to analyze sentence structures and suggest words to use. This further lubricates the writing process for a writer.

Finally, flexibility. Almost all AI writing software is flexible in many senses. For example, they can not only create long-form content, they can also easily create short-form content such as one-sentence copy or social media captions. Therefore, with AI writing softwares, you would get so much of your writing load off your shoulders.

Will AI Novels and Human Novels Have the Same Quality?

For decades now, humans have not only been writing articles but have been producing written content consistently. So why all of a sudden use AI writing software to help you do the thing you’ve been doing for so long before this?

First off, as humans, it is common to suffer from writer’s block. It is an undeniable fact. Therefore, AI writing software can step in and feed us ideas at times that we are uninspired and lost for ideas.

Next up is the fact that AI writing softwares can help us save a ton of time. The tools available now, not only generate ideas, they can also generate full-fledged articles and softwares. From there, all we would have to do is just edit and make tiny changes to add our touch to it. That surely sounds so much better than having to think and write every single word from scratch.

Let’s also not deny the fact that AI can help with accuracy. Unlike humans, AI’s are trained on datasets and facts. Therefore, with quality prompt inputs from us, they can surely churn out written content that has better grammar and vocabulary, they are not prone to human error.

AI writing softwares also helps with increasing productivity. They come with a lot of features like plagiarism checkers, ability to analyze sentence structures and suggest words to use. This further lubricates the writing process for a writer.

Finally, flexibility. Almost all AI writing software is flexible in many senses. For example, they can not only create long-form content, they can also easily create short-form content such as one-sentence copy or social media captions. Therefore, with AI writing softwares, you would get so much of your writing load off your shoulders.


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