AI Trends to look for in 2023

Anuoluwapo Adesina

December 26, 2022

Artificial intelligence has recently emerged as one of the world’s most revolutionary technological advancements mankind has ever seen.

ai trends

One of the most relevant topics in the tech world right now is AI and it is absolutely crucial to look out for the coming AI trends in 2023.

It is changing the world by making life easier for us, facilitating significant advances in healthcare, reducing human errors, managing repetitive tasks, supporting facial recognition logins, and solving complex problems. Interestingly, more than 70% of the devices we use daily are AI-powered.

We can be sure that AI will have a much more significant impact on the future of technology in the coming years. 

Many innovations around AI systems have happened recently, such as self-driving cars, robots, marketing chatbots, face detection, and recognition, google maps and ride-hailing apps, virtual assistants, and social media.

 Machine learning is the most commonly used to achieve AI. Artificial intelligence is active in our daily lives, and this is why we have to take cognizance of AI trends coming to us. 

We will discuss the top ten AI trends you should prepare for in 2023

Top 10 AI Trends To Look For In 2023

1. Advanced AI for Text, Speech, and Vision

ai trends

Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to have realistic and trustworthy voice outputs when it comes to text-to-speech technology. 

This feature has existed for a long time in tech, dating as far back as the 70s and 80s. We have now been exposed to advancements such as virtual assistants and chatbots thanks to AI and machine learning. 

It is most common on smart devices and smart homes. You might have used it when you asked Siri or Alexa to search for something, call someone, or play music.

AI has helped in making this technology sound more human-like and less robotic. 

For the blind and visually impaired, we have tools such as Seeing AI, which Microsoft created to help with obstacle recognition, reading texts, and labeling items. In 2023, we are likely to see this technology become more popular due to current AI trends.

2. Generative AI

ai trends

Generative Artificial Intelligence is currently one of the must-haves in the tech world. 

Many investors, VC founders, and tech enthusiasts are very excited about it and believe it to be the future of many businesses. 

You will likely have come across some Generative AI like CHAT GPT and DALL-E. You can simply type what you wish to read or see in these generative tools, and the AI will produce it. 

These tools have been drawing the attention of social media users, and many people believe they could make some jobs redundant in the future.

 Generative AI is not new, as popular companies like Grammarly are already using it. 

In 2023, we will see it as one of the AI trends used more frequently by corporate organizations and ordinary individuals for multiple purposes. 

Although the technology is still early, it is set to make some significant changes in 2023 and beyond.

3. Responsible AI Trend

ai trends

There is a call to make Responsible AI a reality. It is for accountability and trust in the decision-making systems of organizations that use Artificial Intelligence for financial or health information. 

The role of ethics in AI has become increasingly important to ensure that partial data is canceled out and fair decisions are made. 

Responsible AI would help resolve ambiguities and develop accurate AI standards.

 Popular corporate organizations have received many calls for AI regulations, and we are about to see it become one of the most common AI trends.

4. Enhanced Work

ai trends

Many companies are fond of integrating AI into their work, and we will witness an accelerated increase in 2023. 

We will find ourselves using AI tools to aid us in our work and deliver more efficiently. 

CHAT GPT and AI virtual assistants will be commonly used in the workplace, schools, and health facilities by many individuals. 

For instance, students can complete an assignment or term paper without having to do it themselves or pay someone online. 

Mainly driven by advances in machine learning, AI will significantly affect the global tech market in the coming years.

5. Edge AI Trend

ai trends

Edge AI simply combines edge computing and artificial intelligence. Edge computing refers to various methods involving collecting, analyzing, and processing data to the network’s edge. 

Edge AI is set to improve business processes and efficiency. Its advances have made it possible to have machine and device operations with human intelligence. 

Some examples include speech recognition, fraud detection, and facial recognition. It can identify even the slightest quality abnormalities nearly invisible to the human eye.

6. Cybersecurity, AI Trend

ai trends

Cyber threats continue to grow daily and require more than human help. 

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity would help in dealing with more complicated tasks. It could help analyze a variety of data sets and find cyber threats. 

Companies that care about their future would need to integrate AI into their cybersecurity to protect themselves and their customers from Cyber criminals who are likely to use AI to their advantage. 

AI would help companies improve their cyber resilience and work on vulnerabilities. We will see companies use AI to detect cyber threats, eliminate bots, and improve endpoint protection. 

It would be one of the most interesting AI trends to witness.

7. Art with NFTs

ai trends

Artificial intelligence is changing how artists are paid by changing how NFT(non-fungible token) artists can work and develop new projects. 

AI models and NFTs will help artists claim ownership of their work and access new payment streams. 

Tokenizing artificial intelligence would be a significant step in attracting investors with plans to invest in a decentralized system.

 NFTs can also be generated using artificial intelligence. The combination of AI and NFT is presently known as Non-fungible Intelligence (NFI). Artists can create intelligent NFTs based on anything in this AI system.

8. AI Model - Predictive Analytics

ai trends

This AI model uses data to predict future events. A combination of machine learning, statistical methods, data analysis, and artificial intelligence are used to predict future trends. 

In marketing, companies can use predictive analytics to examine behavioral data and predict future trends. 

No matter the sector, predictive analytics will provide you with the knowledge you need to decide what to do next.

The algorithms can help companies optimize their business processes and increase overall output. As one of the most popular AI trends, it maintains interactive and user-friendly technology.

9. Digital Avatars

ai trends

Machine learning and 3D animation have helped create realistic avatars of people and characters. 

You may have encountered one of the AI trends on social media called Dawn AI, where portrait pictures of individuals are transformed into AI images. 

They represent digital avatars that illustrate how a person would look in the digital world. It is purely driven by AI models and is common in video games and virtual reality worlds. 

This is only just the beginning, as this AI trend is set to persist due to its wide popularity.

10. Adaptive AI Trend

ai trends

Adaptive AI can perceive small changes in behavior that a mere human would miss. 

Many sectors, such as health and education, are implementing Adaptive AI. It is set to transform retail stores from basic transaction centers and provide brand awareness with increased customer experiences. 

AI chatbots are popularly used to enhance chat experiences.

 This AI trend is set to shape the digital workspace, and it is no news that it is one of the popular AI trends of 2023.


Soon, AI will be more prevalent than ever before and replace many of our daily tasks. While AI can make a world of difference in many sectors, these AI trends for 2023 will set the stage for new advancements and economic prospects. We are optimistic about the future of AI and its adoption by quite a number of industries worldwide.

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