AI Art Generator for Tik Tok: Viral Tik Tok Trend using AI Art Lensa

by Danesh Ramuthi · Updated Jan 10, 2023

A new viral trend has swept the entire world by storm and it is none other than the AI Art Generator for TikTok which is Lensa AI.

Millions of users are sharing their “ Magic Avatars” on TikTok in order to share their excitement with the people that they love.

You are probably wondering how they are doing it and how to do it the right way.

If so, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will dive deeper into the viral tiktok trend using ai art app generator Lensa AI and how you can create your own ai art using TikTok.

Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into our topic.

What does TikTok’s Lensa AI art generator do?

ai art generator for tiktok

With tools like face retouching and magic correction, the Lensa AI software changes pictures at the press of a button.

However, the filters used in the applications’ current ascent to stardom produce inflated AI faces.

Prisma states in its description of the app: “This is not a filter or an effect. These artificial intelligence (AI) avatars were created from scratch with your face in mind.

“Upload 10–20 images, wait a few minutes, and #artificialintelligence will produce hundreds of artworks for you!”

The enjoyable pictures, however, are not free; you must pay about £2 for 50 pictures if you wish to purchase them.

Utilizing Lensa, you may use the feature right away.

How to Use Lensa AI?

Our Lensa AI guide has all the information that you could possibly need to learn more about this wonderful app including the pricing and how to use it.

Here’s the summary of how to use Lensa AI App.  

  • Install the app. It is available for free download both on iPhone and Android devices.
  • Launch the app and navigate through many screens demonstrating what it can accomplish.
  • You’ll be prompted to subscribe for £36.99 each year.
  • After Signing up for the free trial, it reduces the cost of Magic Avatars by half. Just keep in mind to cancel the free trial after seven days.
  • You should receive a popup with Magic Avatars coming up, so pick “Try Now.” 
  • After consenting to the Terms and Conditions, you must post between 10 and 20 selfies.
  • Choose your gender to assist the AI, after which it’s time to make payment.
  • Wait for the results after uploading.

Creating Assets with TikTok AI Effects

ai art generator for tiktok

If you don’t want to start from scratch while making AR effects for TikTok, generative artificial intelligence (AI) can be a fantastic tool to help you do it. Generative AI’s picture generation capabilities make it a handy tool for visualisation, allowing you to rapidly prototype potential effects before you commit to creating the actual assets.

Currently, TikTok has its own in-app AI art generator, showing its support for AI creations in the art world. A new feature on TikTok called “AI greenscreen” lets users input a string of words to build a custom background image for their movies. When compared to AI generators like OpenAI’s DALL-E mini or Google’s Imagen, which tend to churn out more Surrealist depictions, TikTok’s model leans slightly more toward abstract expressionism.

Create assets for your Effect House projects with the help of one of TikTok’s many in-app AI effects, such as:

  • When you input a prompt into AI Greenscreen, the effect creates an abstract image based on the input.
  • You can make a new piece of art using AI Art and an image from your camera roll.

In order to implement any of these modifications into a resource:

  • You can search for the effect on TikTok.
  • You may make a video using your image and upload it to TikTok.
  • Your device’s camera roll will immediately be updated with the AI photo.
  • Get the image into your computer, and then bring it into Effect House by selecting Add > Import > From Computer in the Assets panel. The image can also be dropped into the Assets panel using drag and drop.

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